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GrabFood introduces “DINE-IN” service in Thailand with the concept of “The Ultimate Dine-in Experience”

Tuesday 19 September 2023 – GrabFood, a leading food delivery platform, responds to the trends of consumers returning to dining out by introducing a new service called “DINE-IN”, under the concept of “The Ultimate Dine-in Experience”. Designed to provide users who enjoy dining at restaurants with a convenient, all-encompassing experience right at their fingertips, the new service covers from searching for and reviewing restaurants to offering discounts of up to 40% at leading restaurants in Bangkok, including #GrabThumbsUp merchant-partners. Additionally, users can enjoy the convenience of booking Grab rides with discounts of up to 25%. It aims to cater to urban dwellers of all groups, including families, couples, and groups of friends who enjoy sharing special meals together.

Chirakit Kwangsukstith, Director of Deliveries, Grab Thailand, stated, “Thailand restaurant industry outlook for the latter half of the year continues to show positive signs. It is forecast that the total value of Thailand’s restaurant industry in 2023 will reach THB 4.35 trillion, with an expected annual growth rate of 7.1%, driven by consumer behavior returning to normalcy, coupled with the boost from the expanding tourism industry. In light of this, Grab sees a business opportunity in adapting to consumer behavior, particularly the increasing popularity of dining out after the COVID-19 situation has eased. We are therefore launching a new service called DINE-IN, developed to serve those who want to dine out conveniently and affordably through the Grab application. Leveraging the strength of being a superapp offering a wide range of services, including delivery, transportation and financial services, Grab aims to provide a seamless dining experience to food enthusiasts all within a single app.”

Grab began piloting its DINE-IN service in Singapore in June this year, with a focus on offering users convenience and affordability. Currently, Grab has expanded the service to different countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. In Thailand, Grab has partnered with leading restaurants and merchant-partners across Bangkok to officially introduce the DINE-IN service. It covers a wide range of restaurant types, from fine dining and premium dining to casual dining, hotel restaurants, buffet-style restaurants, and popular street food shops. All of these options are available exclusively in the form of E-Vouchers within the Grab app.

The DINE-IN service is launched under the concept of “The Ultimate Dine-in Experience,” with three key highlights:

  • Enjoyable: The service provides a delightful dining experience at renowned restaurants, including #GrabThumbsUp merchant-partners such as Vaso – Spanish Tapas Bar, Petits Plats Bangkok – French Mediterranean Cuisine, Burger & Lobster, OJI Omakase, Indus, 100 Mahaseth, CQK MALA Hotpot, HOLIDAY PASTRY, OB AROI, 26BraisedBeef, and many more!
  • Affordable: Users can enjoy discounts of up to 40% at partner restaurants, along with a discount on Grab’s on-demand transportation service of up to 25% when commuting to and from participating restaurants. Simply enter the code ‘DINEIN’ from today until December 2023.
  • Comprehensive: This service supports out-of-home dining behavior through the user-friendly Grab platform, covering restaurant searches, reviews, purchasing E-Voucher discount deals, and offering ride-hailing services to make your dining journey hassle-free.

“For the initial launch, Grab will be focusing on marketing to the urban lifestyle-oriented customer groups, with an emphasis on families, couples, and friends who often dine out together. We are confident that the DINE-IN service will gain popularity and become a new choice that enhances the dining experience for our users,” added Chirakit.

For merchant-partners interested in joining the DINE-IN service, please visit https://merchant.grab.com/th-th/blog/dine-in for registration.


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