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Yana Samsudin promotes Bagoos oat milk

Image credit: Bagoos MY

Malaysian actress Yana Samsudin has recently launched Bagoos, a new range of instant oat milk in the local market. Bagoos’s unique selling point is its kurma oat milk, a fusion of the rich flavours of kurma and the wholesome goodness of oat milk. This innovative flavour is particularly appealing to the Malay palate. The incorporation of kurma into the oat milk is designed to popularise the consumption of oat milk among Malay consumers.

In addition to the kurma variant, Bagoos offers oat milk drinks with chia seeds and chocolate, catering to a diverse range of preferences. These vegan-friendly beverages are dairy and creamer-free, making them suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions. Moreover, they are enriched with beta glucan, a natural compound known for its positive impact on cardiovascular health.

Bagoos is currently available for purchase online, and the brand is actively seeking agents to expand its distribution across Malaysia, ensuring that its products reach a wider audience.

According to the Halal Malaysia official portal, Bagoos’s halal credential is registered under Juara Jaga Sdn Bhd, which shares the same address as Listen Up, the maker of Obedient and Oatlife, two popular plant-based beverages.


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