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Osotspa takes M-150 energy drink into the carbonated segment

Osotspa has expanded its M-150 energy drink line with the introduction of M-150 Sparkling Energy Drink in Thailand. This new variation features carbonation, a departure from the original M-150’s non-carbonated formula. M-150 Sparkling caters to consumers seeking a fizzy and refreshing energy drink while maintaining the brand’s well-known taste. Additionally, M-150 Sparkling is fortified with vitamin B complex and zinc, and is sugar-free.

M-150 Sparkling Energy Drink is likely a strategic move by Osotspa to compete with TCP Red Bull Energy Soda and attract a new generation of consumers, particularly young consumers.

TCP has launched Red Bull Energy Soda to bring a refreshing taste to the energy drink category to appeal to young consumers including first jobbers. This sugar-free sparkling energy drink bridges the gap between energy drinks and refreshing beverages. Red Bull Energy Soda targets consumers seeking a soda drink with added functional benefits while having a premium energy drink positioning.

On the 7-Eleven e-commerce store, M-150 Sparkling (245ml) is available in a multipack of 6 cans for THB 105, bringing the price per can to THB 17.5.


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