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CP Chicken: Go For Launch’ Campaign Triumphs with 11 ADMAN AWARDS 2023, Garnering Top Honors in the ‘Ad That Works’ Category

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited, or CP Foods, has achieved remarkable success with its ‘Thai Chicken: Mission to Space’ advertising campaign, uniquely titled ‘First Time in the World: Thai Chicken Goes to Space with CP.’ This groundbreaking campaign has been recognized with 11 awards at the ADMAN AWARDS 2023, a testament to its impactful advertising and communication strategy, perfectly embodying the ‘Don’t Make Ads, Make Impact’ ethos.

The campaign notably received the ‘Ad That Works’ award, a prestigious accolade that acknowledges advertising that merges exceptional creativity with significant consumer and industry impact. This award reflects CPF’s dedication to addressing consumer needs for safe, hygienic, and residue-free fresh food. The campaign’s concept aimed to elevate public awareness about the highest levels of food safety standards achieved through cutting-edge technology in farming and production processes. It showcased a revolutionary narrative in the fresh meat industry, setting new safety benchmarks by undertaking a project to send Thai chicken into space. CPF is collaborating with Johnson Space Food Lab to conduct comprehensive tests, including bacteria and chemical residue detection, from upstream to downstream processes, ensuring CP brand chicken meat meets the rigorous standards for space-grade food in line with NASA’s criteria.

Anarkawee Chooratn, Head of Corporate Marketing at CP Foods, underscored the collaboration with Wolf Bangkok, a leading advertising agency in Asia, Digital I Do, an online media agency, and IDEE STUDIO, an event agency, in this innovative campaign. The campaign’s novel idea of sending chicken meat into space as astronaut food earned substantial attention. The advertisement film received widespread acclaim, clinching 11 awards at the ADMAN Awards, including two gold, two silver, and seven bronze awards. A highlight was winning silver in the ‘Ad That Works’ (Effective Communication) category, one of the competition’s most prestigious honours. Additionally,  the ‘CP Chicken: Go For Launch’ ad film was awarded the 30 Young Judges Award, a special recognition chosen by a committee of young professionals under 30 years of age.

Anarkawee Chooratn expressed immense pride in these 11 recognitions from the ADMAN Awards 2023 and extended gratitude to Wolf Bangkok for creating a campaign that resonated across consumer segments. “The campaign assures that CP Chicken products are fresh and safe, meeting Space Safety Standards. These awards strengthen CPF’s commitment to innovating and enhancing food safety standards for our consumers,” Anarkawee stated.


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