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Soar into the Year of the Dragon with Carlsberg’s Exclusive Chinese New Year Cans and Bottles!

The dragon pearl on Carlsberg's limited edition cans change from yellow to auspicious orange at the perfect drinking temperature of 6°C

Celebrate ‘Brewing Prosperity Together’ this Chinese New Year while enjoying Prosperity &
Smoothness throughout the festive season.

SHAH ALAM, 2 January 2024 – Carlsberg’s CNY campaign ‘Brewing Prosperity Together’ is back with another exciting array of artist-edition festive packaging, captivating events, and exclusive promotions that promise to bring people together in the spirit of celebration. The essence of ‘Brewing Prosperity Together’ or 合家团圆,喜乐龙龙 is aimed at elevating much-anticipated reunions with loved and dear ones whilst ushering in prosperity and smoothness for the year ahead.

The brewer’s highly sought-after annual artist-edition packaging, designed by award-winning artist Ofen Hu, reflects the vibrant energy of the Year of the Dragon. There is also an added surprise to Hu’s contemporary twist on traditional art, where a special ink transforms the dragon pearl on chilled cans from yellow to auspicious orange at the perfect drinking temperature of 6°C. The number 6, considered lucky in Feng Shui, also adds cultural significance, symbolising happiness and blessings. As family and friends gather to herald the arrival of good fortune and wealth in the year ahead, Carlsberg makes each sip a celebration of both artistry and auspicious beginnings.

The charming design adorning the bottles and cans of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner which signifies prosperity and Carlsberg Smooth Draught representing greetings of smoothness, depicts a captivating narrative of the Wood Dragon, rousing from its slumber in the tender embrace of Spring. The dragon is portrayed moving with grace and fluidity through the serene clouds, swaying its tail playfully as it chases its dragon pearl, a mystical symbol of cosmic harmony while its scales transform into beautiful flowers bringing everyone an abundance of luck. The dynamic colours in the artwork also exude the limitless vitality of the season, encapsulating the essence of revitalisation, wealth, and happiness.

“Carlsberg has always been synonymous with celebrations, and we hope that this coming lunar new year, every moment is made #BestWithCarlsberg. This CNY we continue ‘Brewing Prosperity Together’ with our consumers, and we wish them an amazing year ahead filled with good fortune, health and happiness. Even our artist-edition packaging extends across Malaysia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vietnam representing our desire to brew prosperity together across the region. May the Year of the Dragon bring success for everyone and let us soar into a great year ahead,” shared Stefano Clini,
Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

To kick off the celebration and usher in a prosperous CNY, Carlsberg’s nationwide campaign will run across various platforms, offer consumers generous rewards, festive premium gifts, as well as many more goodies that brew prosperity together for consumers.

From 26 December to 29 February, consumers will be able to get their hands on a classy 20-inch Barry Smith luggage bag when they shop for 3 cartons of Carlsberg products, one of which must be 1664, Connor’s or Somersby Apple Cider in super- and, hypermarkets as well as e-Commerce sites in West Malaysia.

Those who prefer a smaller 14-inch Barry Smith luggage bag can opt to get a carton of 1664 or Connor’s at super- or, hypermarkets and 99 Speedmart nationwide. This exclusive gift is also available to eCommerce shoppers in West Malaysia.

In Sabah and Sarawak super- and, hypermarket and 99 Speedmart shoppers can get a stylish Cornell compact hotpot when they stock up on two cartons of Carlsberg products, with one being 1664, Connor’s or Somersby Apple Cider.

A chance to win one of ten 999 Gold hop leaf weighing 9.9 grams each from Habib Jewels awaits shoppers exclusively at 99 Speedmart in West Malaysia with the purchase of two cartons of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, Carlsberg Smooth Draught, 1664, Connor’s or Royal Stout from 8 January to end February 2024. As a bonus, shoppers will also immediately receive a Carlsberg-branded festive ceramic food tray with their purchase (while stock lasts).

In convenience stores, consumers can redeem RM5 in Touch n’ Go eWallet credit and will be in the running to win a limited-edition Mahjong set for every purchase of RM20 worth of Carlsberg products between 1 January to 29 February 2024.

In food courts and hawker centres, consumers can redeem a set of limited-edition playing cards with every submission of 6 artist-edition bottle caps between 26 December 2023 to 11 February 2024. They also stand a chance to win one of 3,000 ang pows worth RM88, or one of 8 grand prize ang pows of RM8,888.

In bars and pubs, consumers also stand to win one of 25 limited edition TNTCO rummy sets each week when they spend RM100 or more on any combination of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, Carlsberg Smooth Draught, 1664 or Connor’s between 2 January to 9 February 2024. In addition, the top spenders of Carlsberg products on Shopee as well as on the Jaya Grocer Online Store via Grab will also get a TNTCO rummy set each.

Last but not least, 60 participating super- and hypermarkets in West Malaysia will run the Carlsberg’s ‘Drumming Prosperity Together’ contests on selected weekends from 13 January to 4 February 2024, with purchase of Carlsberg products worth RM288 and more, consumers can take part in the contest and stand a chance to win Mahjong sets, Touch ‘n Go eWallet Credit or a 4-can pack of Somersby Apple 0.0.

There’s more! Attend ‘Drumming Prosperity Together’ ‘CNY Night’ at 97 food courts and hawker centres nationwide from 15 January to 24 February to win even more of these great prizes.

For more exciting news and information on Carlsberg’s Chinese New Year celebrations, promotions and locations, visit www.carlsbergcny.com.my or follow @CarlsbergMY on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CarlsbergMY for the latest updates! And remember, as part of advocating responsible consumption, #CELEBRATERESPONSIBLY – if you drink, don’t drive.



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