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Oatside brings pocket packs to the Philippines

Image credit: Oatside

Oatside is promoting its pocket packs (200ml) in more Southeast Asian markets. Beyond Indonesia and Singapore, the fast-growing oat milk brand has recently launched its 200ml Oatside in the Philippines, following the recent introduction in Malaysia.

The 200ml pocket-sized pack is ideal for on-the-go consumption and as a standalone drink. Oatside is also better positioned to recruit younger consumers through the 200ml format compared to the 1L format, which is more suited for at-home consumption.

“We started in the Philippines in 2022 with Oatside’s 1L range and we have had great reception from cafe partners and consumers across the country. People love that our oat milks are low in sugar but don’t feel like a compromise on taste, which resonates with our mission of being the plant milk for people who don’t care for plant milks. We are so excited to share our new range of Oatside Pocket Packs with Filipinos, with a convenient on-the-go format and also introducing our new variant—the Oat Latte,” said Benedict Lim, CEO of Oatside.


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