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CP Foods Accelerates Towards Eco-Friendly Future with Low-Carbon Products, Aiming for 40% Green Revenue by 2030

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) is actively advancing the development of low-carbon and carbon-neutral products. This commitment is a pivotal part of Thailand’s progress towards sustainable living and is in line with the global aim of attaining net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. With an eye to the future, CP Foods is steadfast in its dedication to transform its product portfolio, setting an ambitious target for 40% of its revenue to be derived from these environmentally friendly products by 2030.  

Oraparn Mungmisri, a director at CP Foods, highlighted the company’s focus on ensuring food security by producing high-quality, safe, and nutritious products while maintaining an environmentally responsible business model. CP Foods has successfully developed 880 products that have undergone carbon footprint assessments by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO), particularly in their pork, chicken, shrimp, duck, and egg product lines. The company follows a comprehensive approach, assessing the carbon footprint across the entire value chain, such as in their shrimp products which include everything from shrimp feed to frozen shrimp and shrimp dumplings.  

CP Foods boasts 56 low-carbon products that have been certified the Carbon Footprint Reduction Label, encompassing a diverse range of items like broiler feed, live poultry, and fresh meats. Notably, their Cage Free chicken eggs under the U Farm brand are Asia’s first carbon-neutral eggs, achieved through minimizing carbon emissions and offsetting the remainder with carbon credits.  

In 2023, CP Foods added 62 new products to its portfolio that received the carbon footprint label from TGO, including innovative plant-based items like chicken nuggets and minced meat substitutes, further solidifying its position as a leader in sustainable product offerings in Thailand.  

The company’s efforts have significantly contributed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, with their certified products helping to cut down at least 2.34 million tons of carbon dioxide. CP Foods’ commitment to leveraging technology and innovation for green product development is unwavering, with a goal to have 38% of its revenue come from green products by the end of 2023, increasing to 40% by 2030. Many of their low-carbon certified products already exhibit greenhouse gas emissions below the industry average, aligning with the growing global consumer demand for sustainable products.  


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