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Village Park Spices Up Bask Bear for the New Year

(From left) Adelene Foo, Chief Executive Officer of Jaya Grocer; Datuk Seri Mohd Shamil Ngoh Abdullah and Datin Seri Aishah Chong, Co-Founders of Village Park Nasi Lemak and Bryan Loo, Founder and CEO of Loob Holding Sdn Bhd proudly showing the new Bask Bear Sambal Toasties by Village Park at Jaya Grocer Starling.

Bask Bear Toasties given added kick with Village Park Nasi Lemak Sambal 

PETALING JAYA, 3rd January 2024: Bask Bear, the Malaysian innovative coffee disruptor inspired by the basking Malayan sun bear, is spicing up the new year by introducing an exciting combination to its market-leading toasties.

Teaming up with Village Park Nasi Lemak, a top brand of Grab Signatures, Bask Bear now offers its innovative Bask Bear Sambal Toasties by Village Park – a delightfully-spicy balance of toasted sandwich with the popular Village Park Nasi Lemak Sambal.

As the first in Malaysia to offer Halal Korean Toasties, this latest range is sure to take Malaysians closer to home.

Bryan Loo, Founder and CEO of Loob Holding Sdn Bhd speaking at the launch of Bask Bear Sambal Toasties by Village Park at Jaya Grocer Starling.

“We wanted to add some excitement to the new year by incorporating a Malaysian favourite – nasi lemak sambal. Village Park, renowned for having the town’s finest nasi lemak, was the obvious choice. Coincidentally, Village Park has now made their exceptional sambal available through Jaya Grocer, creating a perfect partnership,” said Bryan Loo, founder and CEO of Loob Holding Sdn Bhd.

He noted that spicy flavours were gaining popularity across various baked goods and snacks and he expected Bask Bear’s Toasties to chalk up significant growth in 2024. 

“Drawing inspiration from Malaysia’s flavourful culinary heritage, renowned for our bold and spicy preferences, we recognize that spiciness is not just a trend but an integral part of Malaysian life. 

“By infusing this traditional favourite spicy dish into our freshly-toasted bread, we’ve innovated to create the Village Park Sambal Toasties in collaboration with Grab Signatures. It will be a Toastie range that titillates every Malaysian palate,” he said. 

Loo shared that the new partnership with Village Park’s sambal flavour perfectly aligns with Bask Bear’s strategy of offering a taste of real confidence through a blend of traditional flavours with its popular Toasties. 

“Our commitment to innovation is a key ingredient in all of our recipes while our passion for developing new and delicious creations drives us forward,” he said.

“No other toastie in the market incorporates this quintessential Malaysian flavour in their offerings. And, we proudly stand as the first in Malaysia to do so!” he quipped. 

Loo highlighted that toasties sold extremely well because consumers wanted a high-quality light meal or snacks that they can enjoy at any time. 

Gracing the launch of the Sambal Toasties with Bryan Loo were Jaya Grocer CEO Adelene Foo, as well as Village Park Nasi Lemak founder Datuk Seri Mohd Shamil Ngoh Abdullah, who started the restaurant here in 2002 with his wife, Datin Seri Aishah Chong.

In May last year, Jaya Grocer, one of Malaysia’s leading supermarket chains known for its wide range of quality fresh ingredients and imported goods, collaborated with Grab Signatures to launch Jaya Grocer Private Labels, a new range of exclusive products with the first being Village Park Nasi Lemak’s renowned Sambal Nasi Lemak. 

“As a leading mass premium supermarket chain, we want to continue innovating and searching for better ways to delight our customers,” said Adelene.

“It was a proud moment for us to have Village Park Nasi Lemak’s Sambal as the first of our Private Labels, and to finally offer it to our customers – making it the first time their sambal is available on the shelf exclusively in Jaya Grocer and GrabMart.

“We now look forward to seeing it being a part of Bask Bear’s new range of toasties, and we thank Bryan Loo and Loob Holding for the support,” she added.

Datuk Seri Mohd Shamil couldn’t help but express his delight at seeing his specialty sambal now used by a popular coffee and toasties brand. He thanked both Loob Holding and Jaya Grocer for making this collaboration possible.

“I’m sure every Malaysian would enjoy this unique innovation by Bask Bear that carries the traditional and comforting flavours of our unique sambal which also goes well with anything else besides nasi lemak,” he said. 

The new Sambal Toasties will be available in all Bask Bear stores via walk-in, takeaway or delivery from 4th to 31st January 2024, except 1Utama and Pavilion Elite.

The latest Toastie range consists of three items:

  1. Sambal Beef at RM14.90
  2. Sambal Crispy Chicken also at RM14.90
  3. Sambal Hashbrown and Egg at RM12.90

In line with the launch, Bask Bear and Jaya Grocer together will be offering these special promotions during the same period of 4th to 31st January 2024:

●      For customers who buy Baker’s Son bread, raw chili, or sambal paste at Jaya Grocer, they can redeem a FREE Hazelnut Choco latte at Bask Bear with any Sambal Toastie purchase. 

●      Play an interactive game at Jaya Grocer Starling Mall to win vouchers.

●      For Bask Bear customers who purchase Village Park sambal at GrabMart, they will receive a free non-woven bag, that’s available from 8th to 31st January 2024 only.  

Meanwhile, Bryan Loo introduced the Bask Bear App which allows customers to enjoy seamless and convenient ordering experience. 

“Our Bask Bear App launched on 20th December features Pick up & Delivery services, and comes with a membership program allowing customers to earn points with their purchase, via walk in or order thru app. 

“To welcome new users to the app, they will enjoy 40% OFF with a minimum spend of RM25 for their first purchase. So wait no further, download the App now!” Loo quipped. 

Key Benefits for Bask Bear members are as follows: 

●      2x points for every RM spent

●      Complimentary drinks during Birthday month

●      Earn points and redeem free drinks or toasties

●      Monthly member exclusive promotion 


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