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Sarawak Premier opens first Bask Bear drive-through in East Malaysia

Dato’ Haidar Khan Bin Asghar Khan (4th from left), Deputy Chairman of BDA, and Bryan Wong (3rd from left), Projects and Business Development Director of Loob Holding Sdn Bhd, together with BDA and Bask Bear Teams during the launch of the first East Malaysian drive-through outlet of Bask Bear at NAIM Street Mall, Bintulu Paragon.

Aptly located within central Borneo, home of its exclusive 

BINTULU, 17th April 2024: Sarawak Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg today officially launched the first East Malaysian drive-through outlet of Bask Bear, the Malaysian innovative coffee disruptor inspired by the basking Malayan sun bear.

This outlet at NAIM Street Mall, Bintulu Paragon, is its biggest yet at 1600 sq. ft. Bintulu is aptly located within the central Borneo region where Bask Bear sourced its exclusive Aren® Palm Sugar for the Aren® Signature Coffee series.

Bask Bear Bintulu Paragon drive-through is the rst and biggest in East Malaysia at 1600 sq. 

This launch was part of Abang Johari’s programme for the day where he graced the Hari Raya Open House festivities organised by the Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) at the NAIM Street Mall. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was performed by Dato’ Haidar Khan Bin Asghar Khan, BDA Deputy Chairman, who represented the Premier.

Loob Holding founder and CEO Bryan Loo said Bask Bear chose this location as it was Bintulu’s trendiest street mall as well as the largest in Sarawak and famed for having the longest covered walkway in Sarawak.

In thanking the Sarawak Premier for his support for home-grown brands like Bask Bear, he said the brand gave priority to convenience, hence the added investment into making this outlet a drive-through concept.

To celebrate the launch, Bask Bear Bintulu Paragon drive-through offered free 100 cups to its first 100 customers on its opening day, while from April 18-22, there will be a buy 1 free 1 offer during two timeframes, 11am–2pm, and 5pm–8pm.

Bask Bear’s growth plans, he added, would continue to be driven by strong brand loyalty and continued focus on customer convenience and digital strategy, with one of it being through its App that was launched in December last year.

“Our Bask Bear App features Pick up & Delivery services, and comes with a membership program allowing customers to earn points with their purchase, via walk in or order through the app.

“To welcome new users to the app, they will enjoy 40% OFF with a minimum spend of RM25 for their first purchase,” Loo shared.

Key Benefits for Bask Bear members include two points for every ringgit spent, free birthday drinks and exclusive members-only offers.

With continued emphasis on convenience, Loo said, there are plans to open more outlets to add to its current 13 stores in East Malaysia, with five now in Sarawak including Bintulu Paragon drive-through, and eight in Sabah.

Loo explained the exclusive Aren® Palm Sugar supply arrangement with its supplier in Borneo not only enabled more consistent income for these farmers but also provides a healthier option with a lower glycaemic index than brown sugar or even honey.

Bask Bear is the first coffee brand to infuse this Aren® Palm Sugar, which is well-loved for its delicious savoury sweetness with a tinge of caramel.

The brand also champions sun bear conservation, having adopted an orphaned cub called Tenom in Sabah last year and launched an awareness campaign to encourage its customers to help the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sandakan, Sabah rehabilitate more captive sun bears to return to their forest homes.



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