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NEX Celebrates the Blossoming of New Beginnings with Lunar New Year Festivities

The mall unveils an exciting lineup of activities such as a Lunar New Year Fair by BHG, traditional performances and more

Singapore, 12 January 2024 — Step into a new year of prosperity as NEX soars in the Year of the Dragon with a festive extravaganza from January 12 to February 9. Shoppers can look forward to a Lunar New Year Fair by BHG, traditional performances, and an array of shopper rewards. Get ready to step into the new year with bliss and a sense of renewal with the whole family at NEX!

Embrace the Spirit of Prosperity with the Lunar New Year Fair by BHG

In collaboration with BHG, NEX is excited to present a Lunar New Year Fair taking place from January 18 to February 8. Explore a rich assortment of traditional delights, festive decorations and cultural gems from 28 well-loved brands during this special event.

Lunar New Year Fair by BHG Information

Dates: January 18 to February 8 2024

Address: NEX Atrium Level 1

Timing: 10am to 10pm (18 January – 12pm to 10pm)

Mdm Ling’s Chinese New Year cookies

Explore an exquisite array of Lunar New Year cookies from Mdm Ling, including popular choices like Premium Pineapple Balls, Almond Cookies and Green Peas Cookies. These delightful treats are designed to captivate the hearts of both young and old. The cookie packaging is adorned in vibrant colours, symbolising luck and bringing a touch of auspiciousness  to your home throughout the year. Another exciting brand to look forward to is Isabelle’s Huat Wealth Prosperity Cookies, available in delectable flavours such as Caramel Almond Boat and Assam Tea Cookie. Share these mouthwatering delights with your loved ones and create lasting memories this Lunar New Year.

Gin Thye Chinese New Year cookies

Introducing the timeless delight of pineapple tarts, an indispensable treat of any Lunar New Year celebration. Handcrafted with care, Bread Garden’s Premium Pineapple Tart boasts a fragrant, golden crust complemented by invigorating bursts of tangy pineapple. Once  you try this irresistible treat at the fair, you’ll find yourself returning for more. Meanwhile,Gin Thye offers a playful twist on pineapple tarts, featuring ball-shaped and flower-shaped varieties, along with inventive flavours like cheese and cranberry. Adding to the festive allure, these delightful tarts come packaged in vibrant yellow tins.

JU Signatures’ JU Treasures Pot (Pen Cai)

Shoppers can easily find all the necessary dishes and ingredients for their reunion dinner! Immerse yourself in the richness of JU Signatures’ JU Treasures Pot (Pen Cai), a luxurious pot filled with 16 premium ingredients, including dried oysters, scallops and 6 abalones. Additionally, explore their Koi Fish Nian Gao featuring Signature Yam Paste, adorned with an artistic Koi design to enhance the visual appeal of the festive table. For those opting for a hot pot meal, Dadidan Korea’s Assorted Fishcake is an ideal addition, contributing to a delightful blend of flavours and textures.

Dadidan Korea’s Semi-Dried Persimmons

For individuals seeking items to adorn their Prosperity Tray, don’t miss Dadidan Korea’s Semi-Dried Persimmons. These persimmons boast a jelly-like chewiness, serving as a delectable and sweet addition to the tray. To balance the sweetness, the Spicy Prawn Roll from King of Melon Seeds is a must have. Individually hand-wrapped and crafted with high-quality dried shrimp and aromatic spicy sambal chilli, these prawn rolls offer bursts of flavour and are simply irresistible.

The Good Makers Company

Keep an eye out for these intriguing decor finds at the fair! Infuse your living space with a touch of prosperity this Lunar New Year by adorning it with The Good Makers Company’s ‘Huat This Home’ wooden craft, locally crafted for an authentic and auspicious atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the spirit of prosperity through this genuine and locally inspired creation. – a symbol of craftsmanship that will enhance the festive ambiance of your home.

Catch Captivating Traditional Performances 

Pluck the Green performance

Usher in good fortune for the new year with various traditional Lunar New Year performances happening at NEX. From February 2 to 4 at 5pm, meet the roving God of Fortune making an auspicious appearance. Don’t miss the opportunity to shake hands and snap a photo of the God of Fortune as a cherished memory.

This is followed by “Pluck The Green” lion dance performance on February 15, 12pm, at the atrium. Be entertained by the playful lions and potentially catch four lucky numbers.

Redeem Prosperity Red Packets and Lion Head Cushions

Get your well wishes across loud and clear with the Prosperity Red Packets from NEX. The red packets are embellished in an eye-catching gold foil, surrounded by a colourful wreath of flowers to signify new beginnings. Redeem 1 set of Red Packet (6 pieces) when you spend a minimum of $50 (maximum 3 combined same-day transactions) and scan your NEXrewards member QR at participating stores. Each NEXreward member is limited to a maximum of 3 sets per day. Elegant and very auspicious, grab your chance to collect these red packets to pass on your blessings.

The rewards don’t stop there for NEXrewards members –  redeem an exclusive Lion Head Cushion when you spend a minimum of $250 (maximum 3 combined same-day transactions) and scan your NEXrewards member QR at participating stores. New designs and colourways will be released for redemption each week from 12 January to 2 February

Each NEXrewards member is limited to one redemption per Lion Head Cushion colour for the entire promotion period. Additionally, there are only 1000 pieces per colour, strictly while stocks last so don’t miss out on your chance to own one of these adorable decorative cushions!

Unlock Surprises through eNEXvouchers

If you are a NEXreward member and a Citi Cardmember, we have a final treat for you! Charge a minimum of $250 (maximum 3 combined same-day transactions) to your Citi Card and scan member QR at participating stores to receive a $15 eNEXvoucher.

Each eligible cardmember is limited to one redemption per day and a maximum of 2 redemptions for the entire promotion period. This promotion is also limited to the first 2,000 redemptions, strictly while stocks last.

Redemption must be made in person on the receipt date (same date of spending) on a first-come, first-served basis. Simply present your own original printed receipt(s), supporting bank charge slip(s), same bank card used and NEXrewards member QR to receive your eNEXvoucher.

Make sure to head down to NEX to engage in the festivities this Lunar New Year! Visit NEX’s website and Facebook for more information about the campaign.


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