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Who is winning Maggi Pedas Giler!! or Mamee Daebak?

Photo Credit: Azwa Zuzu

Nestle’s Maggi and Mamee launched their spicy instant noodles at around the same time in early 2018. Based on the search interest on Minimeinsights.com as of 22 April 2018, we found our post on Maggi Pedas Giler!! (25 March 2018) has generated 84% more hits than our article on Mamee Daebak (30 March 2018). This indicates there is a stronger consumer interest on Maggi Pedas Giler!! than Mamee Daebak. However, consumer interest is affected by many factors such as product availability and marketing. Mamee Daebak appeared in the market slightly later than Maggi Pedas Giler!!.

Mamee Daebak catching up

Looking at Google Trends, we see a heightened interest on Maggi Pedas Giler!! in the past 30 days with stronger growth in interest on Mamee Daebak in recent days, which points possibly to product availability influencing interest and awareness.


There is more consumer interest on “Maggi Pedas Giler” in the West coast of Malaysia whereas we see a more even distribution for “Daebak” across the country with more hits in Sabah and in the East coast (Kelantan and Terengganu).

Pedas Giler!! goes viral on YouTube

Maggi Pedas Giler!! has achieved its effect of taking on Samyang on its home turf in Malaysia with localised intense spicy flavours. YouTubers are launching their own mini version of Pedas Giler challenge. In the reviews, Maggi Pedas Giler!! is often coMmpared with Samyang, which started the whole spicy ramen challenge craze globally. Some reviewers even describe Maggi Pedas Giler!! as Samyang’s twin brother.

Mamee Daebak attracted less user generated content on YouTube. Most of the reviews lamented the lack of spiciness in Maggi Daebak.

Photo Credit: adikfatin

It is apparent Malaysians continue to be fascinated with spiciness, the higher the intensity, the better. This could be the reason making Maggi Pedas Giler!! a lot more interesting to consumers than Mamee Daebak.

Looking at Maggi Daebak, the product’s focus has always been on the Koreaness and halal attributes, and less on spiciness. It is still early days to determine if both products can help bring extra market shares to their respective brands. One thing certain is Maggi Pedas Giler!! is really hot. Remember to have a glass of milk on standby when eating Pedas Giler!!




  1. In terms of chewiness, mamee ghost pepper wins. Flavor wise, maggi is more popular. Maggi is a household name after all. But because Maggi needs to keep its product range to meet the consumers budget sometimes maggi cuts corners.


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