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Chester’s Partners with ChaTraMue to Launch Exquisite ‘Chicken & Fries X Thai Tea Sauce’ Fusion Cuisine

Chester’s, a popular chain of quick service restaurants in Thailand under Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods), is teaming up with the renowned Thai Tea brand, ChaTraMue, to unveil an innovative culinary delight, “Chicken & Fries X ChaTraMue”. This new offering combines the sweet and savory flavors of chicken and fries with the distinctive taste of Thai Tea sauce from ChaTraMue.

The fusion menu features crispy chicken and French fries, artfully topped with unique Thai tea sauces and a dollop of whipped cream, creating a perfect blend of traditional and modern tastes.

Miss Lalana Boonngamsri, President of Chester Food Company Limited, which operates the Chester’s restaurant chain, stated that for over 35 years, Chester’s has been committed to evolving its menu to cater to diverse tastes and emerging trends. The latest culinary creation, “Chicken & Fries X ChaTraMue,” draws inspiration from the popular authentic Thai tea. This initiative led to the creation of a unique new sauce, offering an exclusive flavor experience designed to perfectly complement Chester’s signature crispy chicken and French fries.

Starting from 25 January 2023, Chester’s customers across Thailand can enjoy the new “Chicken & Fries X ChaTraMue” menu at all Chester’s outlets. This innovative offering can be ordered through Chester’s delivery service at 1145, on their website at www.chesters.co.th, or through various food delivery applications.


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