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Coca-Cola fills the air with magic this Lunar New Year. Latest, first-ever campaign celebrates families finding unexpected common ground

Friday 26 January 2024 – Coca-Cola invites everyone, particularly the younger generation, to bridge the generational divide and celebrate the Lunar New Year in an interactive and meaningful manner. This year, Coca-Cola is unveiling its inaugural dynamic Lunar New Year campaign, which not only features limited-edition dragon-themed packaging but also includes activities to create a holistic celebration of family bonds. The campaign is all set to break the ice and foster connections, encouraging individuals to discover unexpected common ground with their families over a table laden with delectable meals and ice-cold Coca-Cola.

“After years of being apart due to the pandemic, this Lunar New Year has become a special time for families to reunite. That’s why Coca-Cola is introducing our first-ever Lunar New Year campaign in Thailand. We aim to facilitate shared experiences and meaningful conversations, bringing families closer together,” said Richa Singh, Senior Marketing Director for Coca-Cola in Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. “The campaign features a striking dragon design, representing this year’s zodiac symbol, on Coca-Cola product packaging. The dragon, a symbol of wealth and good fortune, embodies the spirit of the Lunar New Year—a time for luck, well-wishing, and anticipation of a prosperous year ahead.”

Coca-Cola aims to create that Lunar New Year magic using the tradition of wish-giving, a symbol of rediscovering each other and bringing families closer. The celebration extends beyond the digital realm. Coca-Cola is organizing events in Nakhon Sawan province, renowned for its Lunar New Year festivities, in which Coca-Cola will participate in the Lunar New Year parade and set up a booth to celebrate the occasion alongside consumers.

Apart from the launch of the new limited-edition packaging, Coca-Cola also unveils the new film on digital and social media, narrating a story that inspires all generations within families to reunite for celebrations during this Lunar New Year. The joy of being together empowers families to share and open up to one another, making meals even more enjoyable when everyone partakes together.

Join Coca-Cola in lighting up the Lunar New Year, bridging generational gaps and celebrating in style – because nothing brings people together quite like sharing a Coca-Cola! The new dragon-themed packaging of Coca-Cola Original Taste and Zero Sugar is available only for this Lunar New Year at your favorite stores and e-commerce sites nationwide.

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