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Paldo launches Paldo Rice Punch in Indonesia

Paldo, the South Korean food manufacturer, has launched halal-certified Paldo Rice Punch in Indonesia. Paldo Rice Punch is Sikhye, a traditional sweet Korean rice beverage, usually served as a dessert. Paldo obtained halal certification for its sikhye drinks in 2023.

Sikhye has the potential to grow in Southeast Asia. This traditional sweet drink matches the sweet palate of Southeast Asians. However, Sikhye still needs to be discovered by many. Sikhye is available in Korean grocery stores but has yet to make it into the mainstream channel. 

The challenge for Sikhye marketers is to crack the code on how to popularise the drink. They can do so by having a unique bottle that consumers can identify as Sikhye. Next, have a famous K-pop celebrity or group promote the drink. 


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