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MAGGI highlights MAGGI Intense Cooking Sauce (Green Cap) with the launch of “MAGGI Spicy Thai Basil Omelet” recipe co-created with Bella Ranee

Wednesday 24 January 2024 – MAGGI highlights MAGGI Intense Cooking Sauce (Green Cap) with the launch of “MAGGI Spicy Thai Basil Omelet” recipe co-created with the new presenter, Bella Ranee, bringing authentic Thai flavors to Thai consumers.

MAGGI, a requisite seasoning sauce of all households, organized MAGGI: Amazingly Delicious” to introduce a scrumptious experience of Thai dishes seasoned with MAGGI and officially introduced its new presenter Bella Ranee Campen to highlight its seasoning sauce that recognizes the true needs of Thai cooking enthusiasts and satisfies all cravings. The event was honored by Ms. Cruawan Varunpaichit, Business Executive Officer – Food and Nestle Professional, Nestle Indochina, who talked about MAGGI Intense Cooking Sauce (Green Cap), the highlight product that enhances the flavor of favorite Thai dishes, perfect both as a marinade and a seasoning sauce. The event also unveiled a delicious menu co-created by Bella and MAGGI – “MAGGI Spicy Thai Basil Omelet,” with a simple recipe for consumers to cook at home.

Ms. Cruawan Varunpaichit, stated about the “MAGGI: Amazing Thai Taste” event: “As a Good food, Good life company, Nestle aims to promote good health and quality of life of Thai people. MAGGI is dedicated to making cooking tasty dishes at home effortless and enjoyable for everyone. This year, we have Bella Ranee Campen as the new MAGGI presenter. With her image as the lady of the house, we are certain that Bella captures the essence of Thainess and enhances the essential role of MAGGI in Thai cooking. Apart from representing the brand, she also co-created ‘MAGGI Spicy Thai Basil Omelet’ with MAGGI’s professional chef, a tantalizing and must-try upgrade of a simple Thai dish, seasoned with MAGGI Intense Cooking Sauce (Green Cap).”

“Beyond cooking this dish at home, MAGGI wants everyone to try out this delicious menu and is joining hands with over 50 street food outlets in Thailand to serve ‘MAGGI Spicy Thai Basil Omelet’, and more partners planned for the future,” Ms. Cruawan added.

Bella Ranee Campen, the presenter of MAGGI, said: “I’m actually a fan of MAGGI and Thai food is always my favorite. Whenever I have time to cook my own food, I use MAGGI. Thai food requires flavorful seasoning, so MAGGI Intense Cooking Sauce (Green Cap) is the right choice as it offers an intense and delicious flavor with aromatic notes. If you are a new user, I recommend the MAGGI Green Cap, and you can start from a simple menu like ‘MAGGI Spicy Thai Basil Omelet’. I can guarantee that MAGGI Green Cap will make your food more delicious than ever. Give this menu a try and I guarantee that it will be a new family favorite!”

MAGGI Spicy Thai Basil Omelet Recipe
Ingredients (for 3 people)

  1. 3 eggs (Size 2)
  2. 60 grams of minced shrimp
  3. 3 tablespoons (30 grams) of palm oil
  4. 20 grams of coarsely chopped red Jinda chili
  5. 10 grams of coarsely chopped Chinese garlic
  6. 15 grams of Thai basil leaves
  7. 1 tablespoon (10 grams) of MAGGI Intense Cooking Sauce
  8. 1 teaspoon (6 grams) of MAGGI Oyster Sauce


  1. Put the eggs in a bowl, and then add chili, garlic, minced shrimp, and basil leaves. Mix well.
  2. Season the prepped ingredients with MAGGI Intense Cooking Sauce and MAGGI Oyster Sauce. Whisk it together.
  3. Heat oil in a pan. Once the oil is heated, put in the prepped ingredients. Ensure that both sides of the omelet are well cooked and golden brown.

There are a variety of MAGGI seasoning sauces to match different cooking preferences, such as the Intense Cooking Sauce, a perfect pick as either a marinade or a seasoning sauce; the cooking formula, which enhances the deliciousness and appearance of the dish; or the dipping sauce, which makes an excellent complement. All are available now at department stores and online platforms.

Check out for other recipes from MAGGI at www.maggi.co.th


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