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Shopee Affiliate Livestreamer Humanises Deal-hunting for Malaysians

Shopee Affiliate Livestreamer Celeste Phuah guiding viewers through the process of redeeming vouchers

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 February 2024 – Shopee Affiliate Livestreamer Celeste Phuah simplifies the shopping journey for approximately 36,000 rural Malaysians seeking convenience online every day[1]. Over the past six months, she facilitated the redemption of over six million discount vouchers[2] across the platform. Through her educational Shopee Live sessions, Celeste humanises e-commerce, explaining the intricacies of platform and store vouchers to empower users.

Understanding the needs of fellow shoppers and recognising the importance of bringing accessibility and convenience to all Malaysians, she curates a daily selection of 500 promotional products — five times more than the average Affiliate’s Shopping Bag. This ensures her viewers a seamless access to budget-friendly daily essentials as she guides them through the process of redeeming additional live vouchers through the Livestream Viewer Hub.

Shopee Affiliate Livestreamer Celeste Phuah addressing viewer’s query on additional vouchers

As an avid Shopee user, Celeste notes that the platform provides an abundance of exclusive deals and promotions tailored to deliver users a joyful experience that goes beyond just transactions. Through this, she carved her niche, providing fellow shoppers with a convenient solution. “I wanted to provide convenience for savvy spenders, where you can find a list of vouchers and daily essentials on promotion, with just one click,” Celeste explains. “Now, when my viewers ask ‘Celeste, what’s the hottest deal today?’, I can point them straight to the platform and guide them through the process of claiming it. With livestreaming, users can tune in, listen to the latest deals, and multitask simultaneously.”

Based on past user engagement and interactions, Celeste tailors her content to enhance buyer experience, recognising that many new users don’t know where to start to obtain exclusive deals and promotions offered by the platform. This limits their ability to fully capitalise on these savings. Coming across questions such as ‘How do I best stack shop vouchers with live vouchers?’ and ‘Are there additional live vouchers?’ Celeste, as a Key Opinion Leader on the platform, believes it’s her responsibility to actively educate users about the different types of vouchers and how to optimise their utilisation.

Through her livestreams, Celeste actively empowers the local community by sharing her findings on deals, enhancing their lives one bargain at a time. In her dedication to keeping viewers informed, she strategically schedules her Shopee Live sessions during peak traffic hours of 12PM and 12AM, ensuring they always stay up-to-date on the latest steals.

“I actively watch other Shopee Live segments when I’m not attending to my responsibilities as a full-time housewife, analysing communication styles and product introductions of fellow streamers. I take note of the questions viewers pose, ensuring that if I conduct a stream featuring similar products, I anticipate and prepare for their inquiries in advance. My insights benefit my viewers, and I believe it’s my responsibility to furnish them with trustworthy educational content,” Celeste concluded.

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[1] An average of 18,000 viewers actively participate in each of Celeste’s Shopee Live sessions, conducted twice daily

[2] Shopee Live vouchers are available and refreshed at the start of each day, each user is eligible to one redemption a day


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