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CP Foods Partners with Ramathibodi Hospital Elevates Thais Healthcare with Dietary Solutions

CPF Global Food Solutions Public Company Limited (CPFGS), a subsidiary of Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods), has embarked on a strategic partnership with the prestigious medical school of Thailand’s Ramathibodi Hospital. This alliance is aimed at providing a wider audience with specialized dietary solutions that are convenient, nutritious, and safe, tailored to meet individual health requirements.

The collaboration has led to the launch of NutriMax, a medical food product that significantly contributes to improving the well-being of patients and the elderly, effectively responding to the challenges posed by an aging population. NutriMax stands out as a landmark innovation in the realm of medical foods, being a ready-to-eat product formulated through the exclusive research of the Faculty of Medicine at Ramathibodi Hospital. Designed with patient accessibility in mind, NutriMax offers a practical and healthful dietary option to support their nutritional needs.

Dr. Athit Angkanon, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Ramathibodi Hospital, highlighted the critical role of tailored diets in advancing healthcare. As Thailand faces a demographic shift towards an older population, the unique dietary needs of this segment, along with those suffering from various medical conditions, become more pronounced. Diets customized to individual health needs are essential for optimal nutrition and improved health outcomes. This emphasis on tailored nutritional solutions underpins the development of products like NutriMax, aimed at enhancing the health of patients and the elderly, thereby supporting their longevity and societal engagement.

Warun Silpasuwanchai, Director of Health Business at CPFGS, presented NutriMax, under the Innoweness brand, as a superior option over conventional blended foods. Created through a collaborative effort between nutrition experts from Ramathibodi Hospital and CPF’s R&D Center, NutriMax is crafted from natural ingredients to fulfill the dietary needs of the elderly or those with malnutrition or difficulties in swallowing. It provides a balanced combination of calories, proteins, vitamins, and minerals crucial for patient rehabilitation and has been clinically verified to support health recovery.

Moreover, CPFGS is committed to leading a transformation in the food sector through innovative and eco-friendly practices. This involves developing antibiotic-free livestock raising methods and conducting thorough meat product tests to comply with international safety standards, affirming its dedication to offering consumers high-quality, safe, and ethically produced food items.

The widespread availability of NutriMax across various channels, including select hospital pharmacies, university welfare shops, and major online marketplaces, reflects CPFGS’s dedication to ensuring that healthy eating options are accessible to all.


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