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 Sip Purified Water maker unveils latest isotonic drink and prebiotic soda at FHA Asia 2024

Pacific Synergy Food and Beverage Corp, which makes Sip Purified Water in the Philippines, has unveiled its latest Sip Plus isotonic drinks at FHA Asia 2024. Sip Plus is a new zero-sugar, low-calorie electrolyte drink designed for health-conscious individuals.

Sip Plus comes in the original with a grapefruit kick and honey yuzu flavours. The new products in PET bottles tap into consumer needs for healthier hydration choices.

The company has also showcased its latest innovation, Nutrifizz, at FHA Asia 2024. Nutrifizz is a range of flavourful, sugar-free sparkling prebiotic soda with flavours such as Yogurt, Rootbeer, Cream Soda and Lemon Lime. The company is also looking at developing unique flavours like Japanese Ramune and Craft Soda. 

Nutrifrizz uses erythritol. The prebiotic count in the drink is 0.33ml in a 330ml can of Nutrifizz. To improve intestinal functions, the company uses xylose, arabinose and xylo-oligosaccharides as its prebiotic sources.

Nutrifizz will be available soon, and the company plans to launch it locally and internationally.

The debut of Nutrifizz exemplifies how the prebiotic drink trend, having originated in APAC and boomed in the West with brands like Olipop and Poppi, is now circling back to the East, particularly in Southeast Asia, where niche brands like The Tapping Tapir and Sip are leading the charge in prebiotic soda innovation.


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