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Sunway Healthcare Group Launches Paediatric First Aid E-Book, Paving The Way For Access To Life-Saving Knowledge

February 17, 2024, KUALA LUMPUR -In a bid to make vital first aid knowledge accessible to all, Sunway Healthcare Group launched its Paediatric First Aid E-book through a Children’s First Aid Workshop. The event served as a platform to introduce this insightful educational resource which features step-by-step instructions and accompanying video contents accessible through QR codes, emphasising the importance of informed actions during health emergencies.

Collaborating with Sunway Medical Centre Children`s Emergency Department and with SunMed Kid’s Club, the event attracted parents and their children for a day filled with enjoyable and educational activities. Various stations were set up, each led by dedicated doctors from Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway City and Sunway Medical Centre, Velocity, providing hands-on demonstrations on responding to health emergencies such as choking, resuscitation, and fractures. Attendees actively engaged in learning these life-saving techniques, using dolls to practice and infusing an element of playfulness into the educational process.

Dr. Seow Vei Ken, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Medical Centre, emphasized the hospital’s dedication to advancing children’s health and well-being, expressing, “Sunway Healthcare Group is fervently committed to empowering parents and the community, working collaboratively to safeguard the health and well-being of our children. With SMC having the nation’s first Children’s A&E in a private hospital and our recent recognition as the top hospital for paediatrics in Malaysia in the Newsweek Best Specialised Hospitals Asia Pacific 2023, these achievements underscore our passion for excellence in paediatric services and community engagement.”

With 23 specialised fields in paediatric care, including in areas such as hemato-oncology, intensive care, endocrinology, cardiology, rheumatology, nephrology, gastroenterology, dermatology, and neonatology, Sunway Medical Centre is fully equipped and ready to meet all paediatric healthcare needs. The facilities include a dedicated Children’s Emergency Department, a paediatric radiology department with 3-tesla MRI, as well as HDU, ICU, operating theatre, and wards for paediatric patients.

Dr. Elayni Borhan, Consultant Emergency Physician and Assistant Medical Director at Sunway Medical Centre, drew attention to the increasing challenges in paediatric health in Malaysia. She noted, “The rise in incidents, particularly after extended weekends or school holidays, is a cause for growing concern. Based on my experience, I’ve noticed the challenges parents face when dealing with injuries or even medical conditions in their children. Many are uncertain about when to seek help at the hospital for their kids. Additionally, they may lack clarity on the initial steps to take before arriving at the children’s emergency department. Our launch of the Paediatric First Aid E-book aims to address this knowledge gap, providing practical insights on administering crucial care at home before reaching the hospital. This resource is designed to help parents recognise emergencies that require immediate attention and guidance.”

The event also marked the relaunch of SunMed Kid’s Club, Sunway Medical Centre’s premier healthcare programme catering to over 4,500 children. Now, every child under the age of 12 has the opportunity to enjoy the myriad of perks and benefits that SunMed Kid’s Club offers, along with receiving priority invites to exclusive events and activities.

To know more about the SunMed Kids Club, visit https://www.sunwaymedical.com/en/sunmed-kids-club

Scan the QR code below to browse through our Paediatric First Aid E-Book.


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