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Biogreen releases the Etblisse Vegan Complete Protein Shake as an alternative to whey protein

Biogreen, the owner of the Etblisse brand, has recently released the Etblisse Vegan Complete Protein Shake in Malaysia to provide consumers with a plant-based alternative to whey protein. This vegan protein shake is sugar-free and made from 100% organic skin-peeled soya beans and organic non-GMO nutritional yeast.

Etblisse describes the drink as free from heavily processed protein isolate. The protein shake offers 45g of clean protein/100g and 16.2g of fibre/100g, which promotes the growth of gut-friendly bacteria, relieves constipation, and improves immunity.

Biogreen highlights the possible drawbacks of animal-based protein by focusing on the processing levels for whey protein, the lack of sustainability, the incomplete nutrient profile of animal-based protein, and the harmful animal-raising practices of the dairy industry.

Apart from the Etblisse Vegan Complete Protein Shake, Biogreen has recently released a healthier alternative to the instant 3-in-1 coffee mixes. The new Etblisse vegan coffee range comprises Genki Kuro Latte, Oat Latte, and Protein Latte.

Genki Kuro Latte is a unique coffee containing 18 kinds of whole grains and Chinese herbs to promote overall well-being. Genki Kuro Latte is an example of the Medicine Food Homology (药食同源) trend currently prevalent in China, where some foods themselves are medicines and there is no absolute boundary between them.



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