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Knorr highlights global food trends towards sustainability, recommending positive consumption behavior to tackle nutritional challenges and promote healthy eating habits among Thais

Monday 11 March 2024 – ‘Knorr‘, a brand under Unilever – a leading company committed to fostering sustainable positive change – has indicated that future global food trends are shifting towards sustainability, driven by ever-changing circumstances and evolving lifestyles across the world. This resonates with consumers’ desire for good health and longevity through nutrition and wholesome meals. With this in mind, Knorr recently hosted the ‘Eat Good Get Good with Sustainable Way’ panel discussion at the 17th Thailand Congress of Nutrition to promote the healthy use of seasonings and positive consumption among Thai consumers.

Global nutrition has long been closely monitored by all sectors. According to a report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), more than 396 million people in the Asia-Pacific region were malnourished, and 1.05 billion people were struggling with food insecurity in 2021. Additionally, around 44.5% of the entire region’s population lacked the financial means to buy healthy food. Furthermore, the global food crisis is expanding and intensifying, impeding people’s access to proper nutrition in many countries. In Thailand, there are various concerns regarding people’s consumption behavior, particularly concerning unhealthy foods, such as sweet drinks, and the insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables.

Given the multifaceted nutritional challenges, Knorr believes that the trajectory of the food industry will shift towards sustainability[ Source: 2024 Food Industry Trends – Future of Technology and Sustainability] from upstream to downstream. This implies that farming and sourcing practices will become more transparent and environmentally friendly. Simultaneously, the production process’ impact on natural resources will increasingly have to be considered. Consumers, who play a pivotal role, will not only seek brands that exhibit responsibility across all aspects, but they will also place heightened emphasis on consuming wholesome and nutritious food for good health and longevity while reducing the chance of developing various diseases.

Ms. Pariyaporn Kheowkham, Nutrition SEA Indonesia Savoury Regional Design Center Manager stated: “Unilever has been dedicated to developing Knorr products that cater to consumers’ taste and nutritional needs for over 20 years. This commitment extends all the way through, from the raw materials, research and development to manufacturing processes, adopting advanced technology, and being in step with evolving consumer behavior. Sugar, sodium, and saturated fat in our products have been limited following the World Health Organization’s recommendations. Furthermore, we consistently set criteria and goals that align with the global situation to raise healthy eating habits and ensure widespread access to delicious and nutritious food. In addition to bringing alive Knorr’s concept ‘Eat Good Get Good with Sustainable Way”, our move is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.”

Ms. Pariyaporn added: “Unilever and Knorr prioritize food, nutrition, and the environment. We have increased our nutrition target, 85%of food meeting Unilever’s Science-based Nutrition Criteria (USNC) by 2028 aligning with the World Health Organization’s recommendation to limit salt intake to no more than 5 grams per day. We also constantly analyze consumer trends in food and nutrition as well as the health challenges of individuals. This enables us to develop products that effectively meet consumers’ diverse needs, in line with the changing global situation and people’s way of life. Three key trends are: 1) ‘Feel Good Food’, consisting of ‘Cooking Healthier’ (reducing sugar, fat, salt, and adding healthy ingredients), ‘Minimalist Cuisine’, which emphasizes appropriate proportions, easy preparation, and few ingredients, and Let’s Grab Healthy ‘Smeal’ (small + meal); 2) ‘Modernized Comfort Food’, which comprises ‘Childhood Food’, focusing on dishes that evoke comfort from childhood, and ‘Family Reunited’, which adds value to the idea of a delicious home menu and is easy to cook at home; and 3) ‘Power of Contrast’, combining ‘Flavor Pairings’ and ‘Eye Appeal is Buy Appeal’ together.”

Knorr acknowledges the current health challenges faced by people seeking both nutritional benefits and deliciousness in order to foster sustainable practices. Consequently, Knorr has introduced healthy eating habits to address nutritional challenges and promote long-term wellbeing among all Thais.

Ms. Nuntana Khaopluem, Nutrition Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore Lead and SEA Head of Customer Strategy and Planning, added: “Putting consumers first, Unilever and Knorr emphasize the importance of healthy and sustainable eating habits that can easily be adopted in the long run. Our commitment is to encouraging Thai people to consume wholesome and nutritious meals, using a diverse range of products from Knorr. Additionally, we offer nutritionally appropriate products tailored to consumers in each country, providing alternatives for health-conscious individuals when making purchasing decisions. This aligns with Unilever’s mission to enhance people’s health, confidence, and wellbeing by advocating positive nutrition while promoting comprehensive and equitable access to healthy food and nutrition. In Thailand, to address the needs of today’s consumers amidst hectic lifestyles, we have collaborated with a host of chefs to develop over 100 recipes rich in taste and nutrition. These menu ideas cater to consumers’ diverse needs and can be cooked easily. Beyond delicacy, our various recipes are designed to promote good health, encouraging Thai consumers to adopt sustainable eating habits. These recipes are disseminated through Knorr Line, boasting over 21 million followers, and on the Knorr website, where our recipes attract more than 1 million views annually, along with campaign initiatives to encourage Thais to choose food that is beneficial to their health, such as “Eat Good, Get Good” and #EatGoodWednesday, which we try to imprint healthy behavior by encouraging consumers to at least eat healthier food once a week, on every Wednesday”

Knorr’s ‘Eat Good for Good Living in a Sustainable Way’ panel discussion also featured ‘Chef Tum’, Dr. Dissakul Prasitruangsuk from the Master Chef Thailand program, who joined the discussion with Unilever representatives. The activity delved into the current food and nutrition, challenges in healthcare, as well insights from the doctor himself and from Knorr – the leading food developer in Thailand. Additionally, the event featured recommendations healthy cooking techniques and encouraging a holistic change in dietary behavior. The aim is to transform every meal into a more nutritious experience and contribute to the sustainable wellbeing of the Thai people.


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