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Glico introduces ‘Pocky CRUSHED’ to expand the fanbase among the new generation, reinforcing its position as the leader in the Thai biscuit market

Wednesday 06 March 2024 – Glico introduces ‘Pocky CRUSHED‘ to expand the fanbase among the new generation, reinforcing its position as the leader in the Thai biscuit market. Alongside the unveiling of Glico Friend ‘Zee & NuNew’, explore new experiences of ‘The Rhythm of Happiness!’ with Pocky.

Glico starts off the year 2024 with an exciting launch of ‘Pocky Crushed’ which is set to compete for greater market share, continuing to solidify its position as the top brand in the Thai biscuit market and aiming to expand its customer base among the new generation with Experiential Marketing strategies. This strategic move is complemented by the introduction of Glico Friend ‘Zee & Nunew’ to extend its reach to the Gen Z consumer group. Enhancing the brand experience with the concept of ‘The Rhythm of Happiness!’, this marks a significant marketing initiative for Glico Pocky, following the successful market strategies that have addressed consumer lifestyles throughout the past year.

Mr. Chalermpong Darongsuwan, Managing Director of Thai Glico Co., Ltd., the producer and distributor of products with longstanding admiration such as Pocky, Pretz, and Pejoy, revealed that in the past year the biscuit sector in Thailand continued to grow and showed better growth trends than during the COVID-19 period. Glico remains committed to innovation and the introduction of new products that cater to the diverse preferences of all consumer segments, alongside delivering unparalleled experiences to invigorate the biscuit market continuously, as they have successfully done for many years.

“”Glico” aims for the sustained popularity of the Pocky product line, the number one brand in the biscuit market, without compromising the exceptional quality and taste that have won consumer hearts. Central to Glico’s enduring market dominance is its unique approach to offering distinctive experiences and impression, fostering greater brand loyalty among existing customers and captivating new demographics through experiential marketing,” said Mr. Chalermpong.

Since its introduction in Thailand in 1972, ‘Pocky’ has gained acclaim for being a stick biscuit that offers easy and mess-free consumption, distinguished by the iconic sound of Japanese onomatopoeic word “pokkin” due to the crispiness of the biscuit which also symbolizes the sharing of joy. The brand’s core value, ‘Pocky Share Happiness!’, has been further amplified through innovative marketing strategies and the introduction of new products to reach new consumer groups, engaging in communication with consumers to create more opportunities for enjoying Pocky. This includes pairing Pocky with various items such as beverages or other snacks, making Pocky an integral part of everyday life and standing out as the top choice for snacks among Thai consumers.

Ms. Duangkamol Chulikavit, Head of Marketing of Thai Glico Co., Ltd., emphasized the significance of the ‘Pocky CRUSHED’ launch as a crucial milestone for the brand. This launch aims to deliver exceptional experiences by utilizing high-quality ingredients and innovative formulations, which enhance positive emotions and bring a double dose of happiness while maintaining the trusted and delicious taste.

‘Pocky CRUSHED’ is now offered in two unique varieties including ‘Pocky CRUSHED Fruit,’ a multi-grain stick biscuit coated with thick cream and topped with large fruit pieces, which comes in two flavors including Blueberry Yogurt and Strawberry Peach Yogurt, and ‘Pocky CRUSHED Nut,’ a whole wheat stick biscuit coated with double-dipped chocolate cream and topped with crunchy almond pieces, which is available in two flavors including Almond Milk Chocolate and Almond Noir Chocolate.

“Glico is gearing up to make a significant impact in the market in 2024 by implementing a year-round comprehensive range of awareness-raising and sales promotion activities. The strategy encompasses the launch of a captivating new commercial and a dynamic effort to enhance online visibility, targeting widespread consumers engagement across various digital platforms. The approach aims to improve accessibility through online channels, fostering consumer interaction with content created by leading influencers and encouraging product trials through a series of engaging roadshow events. Furthermore, Glico plans to maximize the effectiveness of storefront media to boost purchase motivation. Another key element tailored to resonate with the lifestyle of Gen Z is the introduction of the Pocky Cafe pop-up store. This innovative concept features five signature flavors—Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, Milky Matcha, and Nutty Almond—reimagined into five unique drink recipes, ensuring a delightful gastronomic experience. Encouraged by the positive reception, Glico intends to expand its marketing efforts through Pocky Cafe, providing new culinary adventures for Thai consumers. Additionally, the highlight of the year for Pocky is the introduction of the Glico Friend ambassadors, Zee – Pruk Panich and Nunew – Chawarin Perdpiriyawong, who embody the spirit of Gen Z and resonate with audiences both domestically and internationally. This initiative supports the concept of ‘The Rhythm of Happiness!’, aiming to make every moment of this year happier and more enjoyable for our valued customers with Pocky.” Ms. Duangkamol elaborated.


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