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7-Eleven Malaysia unveils healthy dried vegetable snacks

Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

Catering to the growing demand for healthier snack options, 7-Eleven Malaysia has unveiled a new line of vegan-friendly dried vegetable snacks, featuring a variety of Dried Okra, Dried Carrots, and Dried Green Radish. Each pack boasts a substantial vegetable content, ranging from 63% to 67%, ensuring a wholesome and nutritious snacking experience

The snacks are subtly sweetened with maltose syrup, while other ingredients include palm oil and salt. Adhering to strict dietary guidelines, these snacks are halal-certified, making them an ideal choice for Muslim consumers.

Manufactured in China and imported by Sorenson Marketing Sdn Bhd, the dried vegetable snacks are exclusively available at 7-Eleven outlets across Malaysia. The unique selection of dried carrots and dried green radish sets these snacks apart, offering a refreshing alternative amidst a market saturated with conventional snack options.


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