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Orgalife releases Orgalife Leisure Lyte and Orgalife Leisure Low IOD

Orgalife Nutritional Science Co, a Vietnamese nutrition company, has released Orgalife Leisure Lyte as a functional hydrating beverage with beta-glucan (50mg) to rehydrate and improve immunity.

This orange-flavoured micronutrient beverage has vitamin C and selenium to improve immunity, magnesium and zinc for anti-inflammation, and vitamin B complex to support brain health and nervous system function.

The new Orgalife Leisure Lyte adds to the existing range of products, including O’gomeal plant-based weight management meal solution, FOMEAL CARE complete liquid meal, O’go Smoothie energy-boosting snack meal, Navie Cerna supports blood sugar management, NAVIE NEPRO 1 delivers optimal nutrition for kidney, Leisure Cerna for those with diabetes, pre-diabetes and gestational diabetes and O’ricmeal for picky eaters aged 1-6.

In addition to Orgalife Leisure Lyte, the company has launched Orgalife Leisure Low IOD for people with hyperthyroidism. The drink slashes iodine by 99%. Omega 3 and L-glutamine help strengthen immunity and reduce inflammation, while L-theanine, magnesium, and vitamin B6 relieve stress and reduce anxiety and fatigue. 

Orgalife Leisure Low IOD has hydrolyzed protein from animals and plants and 24 vitamins and minerals to nourish the body.


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