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Introducing the FOLLOW ME Agenda Cool and Fresh: With the All-New Hijab Micellar Shampoo

FOLLOW METM Unveils the Ultimate Hair Care Innovation that Provides: Long-Lasting Fragrance, Freshness, and Comfort for up to 48 Hours

Kuala Lumpur, 22 June 2022: FOLLOW METM introduces the all-new Hijab Micellar Cool & Fresh Shampoo, through Agenda Cool and Fresh, a campaign that aims to encourage girls to ‘Jom Follow Me‘ for lasting fragrance, freshness, and comfort, enabling them to confidently seize the day.

Formulated with Habbatus Sauda Seed Oil, Olive Oil and Lime Extract, the FOLLOW METM Hijab Micellar Cool & Fresh is the ultimate refresher solution that is meticulously crafted to address hair and scalp concerns. The shampoo harnesses the power of natural plant extracts to provide an instant boost of freshness with a delightful floral and fruity fragrance that lasts up to 48 hours*. With a caring menthol formula enriched with lime extract, the shampoo keeps the scalp fresh with a cool and icy sensation to take on the heated Malaysian weather. With its unique formulation of Micellar technology, this halal-certified shampoo effectively removes impurities, excess oil, and unpleasant odours after a whole day of hijab-wear, gently cleansing the hair and scalp, and leaving them cool, refreshed, and enveloped in a lasting fragrance.

Malaysian women, particularly hijab wearers face various underlying concerns related to their hair and scalp health, including issues like overheating, scalp odour, and other related challenges. These concerns can have a significant impact on their overall well-being and confidence. Hence, FOLLOW METM introduces the Agenda Cool and Fresh campaign which not only addresses practical hair and scalp concerns but also empowers women through an instant boost of long-lasting fragrance for up to 48 hours*. With that, hijab-wearers can start every day with confidence, free from the struggles of overheated scalps or scalp odour. Through Agenda Cool and Fresh, the latest hair innovation provides users with confidence and worry-free hair and the ability to fully engage with loved ones, enjoying quality time with confidence.

Beyond the Cool & Fresh variant, FOLLOW METM also introduces an exciting facelift for the entire range which targets various hair and scalp concerns often faced by hijab-wearers including the Hijab Micellar Anti-Itch Shampoo, which relieves and soothes itchy and flaky scalps, the Hijab Micellar Hair Fall Solution Shampoo, addressing hair breakage and weak hair roots, and the Hijab Anti-Frizz Hijab Mist and Hijab Soft & Voluminous Hijab Mist, for itch-free, soft, and shiny hair. The FOLLOW METM Hijab Micellar range are all formulated with Micellar technology with natural plant extracts that resolves hair and scalp concerns and offers lasting fragrance for up to 48 hours*.

“FOLLOW METM has been a familiar home brand for generations. With the launch of the latest Hijab Micellar Cool & Fresh Shampoo, the brand takes this as an opportunity to showcase its dedication towards long-standing consumers through our continuous innovation,” said Patrick Ee, General Manager of Tohtonku Malaysia & Singapore. ’It is through careful research and market understanding; we created products that solve real and ongoing hair issues of our consumers. With that, the new facelift formulation with Micellar technology provides Malaysian women, especially hijab wearers, an inclusive and worry-free experience, allowing them to enjoy their day with confidence and ease of mind,” he added.

FOLLOW METM Hijab Micellar Cool & Fresh Shampoo

FOLLOW ME™ Hijab Micellar Cool & Fresh Shampoo; a superior formulation enriched with Green Tea & Habbatus Sauda that strengthens roots, prevents dryness for smooth and bouncier hair. It also contains menthol to give the scalp an icy cooling sensation. The Lime Extract & Olive Oil further hydrates and moisturises the scalp for healthier and shinier hair.  

FOLLOW METM Hijab Micellar Anti-Itch Shampoo 

FOLLOW ME™ Hijab Micellar Anti-Itch Shampoo; Infused with the soothing power of pomegranate, expertly formulated to tackle the discomfort and relief of itchy scalps, leaving the scalp feeling refreshed and calm. It is also enriched with zinc pyrithione (ZPT) which effectively clears away flakes, combating dandruff for a flake-free scalp.

FOLLOW METM Hijab Micellar Hair Fall Solution Shampoo

FOLLOW ME™ Hijab Micellar Hair Fall Solution Shampoo; enriched with the nourishing properties of fig, it effectively reduces tangling and minimizes hair breakage, leaving the hair with manageable and resilient locks.

The all-new FOLLOW METM Hijab Micellar Shampoo Cool & Fresh range comes in 650ml and 320ml, worth RM21.90 and RM12.50 respectively.

FOLLOW METM Anti-Frizz Hijab Mist and FOLLOW METM Soft & Voluminous Hijab Mist

FOLLOW ME™ Anti-Frizz Hijab Mist and FOLLOW ME™ Soft & Voluminous Hijab Mist; enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, Green Tea, and Habbatus Sauda for itch-free, soft, shiny hair. It also includes Pomegranate Extract for Anti-frizz and Fig extract for soft & voluminous hair.

For more information about FOLLOW METM and Hijab Micellar products series, or to learn more about the promotions and redemptions, visit www.followme.com.my or log on to the Facebook page and Instagram page.


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