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The all-new innovative Scotch™ Unboxing Scissors from 3M for an exceptional unboxing and cutting experience

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 14 June 2023 – Scotch™ Brand from 3M launched its innovative unboxing scissors range – a dual-purpose designed scissors that allow users to swap into either boxcutter or scissors mode within seconds, offering consumers the convenience of unboxing their boxes and parcels faster and with ease. This new product range comes in two versions – the Stainless Steel with Non-Stick Coating (green) and the Standard Stainless Steel Scissors (purple).

Following the e-commerce trend, packaging and unboxing have become a frequent routine for most Malaysians and Singaporeans – from students to online shoppers and business owners. While unboxing items, it can be frustrating when the packaging tape gets wrapped or stuck on the scissors, blades or knives. At the same time, some may also resort to using more than one tool to unbox or tear open their parcels. Inefficient tools may also damage their items during the process.

Every day at global science company, 3M, employees continuously innovate in ways big
and small to meet the shifting needs and values of people around the world. Recognising the need to provide an exceptional unboxing and cutting experience for everyone, 3M launched the all-new Scotch™ Non-Stick Coated Stainless Steel Unboxing Scissors and Scotch™ Stainless Steel Unboxing Scissors.

“Innovation has always powered new product developments at 3M, and with more than 130,000 patents globally, we are continuously transforming what we deliver and how we work to drive next-generation ideas forward. Turning science into meaningful applications, the new Scotch™ Unboxing Scissors range from 3M addresses consumers’ and business owners’ pain points so they can have the best experience using this innovatively designed and versatile cutting tool,” said Stephanie Ng, Product Marketing Manager, 3M Malaysia and Singapore.

The Scotch™ Unboxing Scissors from 3M Designed with innovation at the core

  1. Dual-purpose design

Unboxing and cutting can be challenging if the tools damage packed items or are too blunt to cut through different materials. The innovative and versatile Scotch™ Unboxing Scissors from 3M can swap into two modes: boxcutter mode and scissors mode. Simply push the right handle down for boxcutter mode and push the right handle up for scissors mode. The 2-in-1 Scotch™ Unboxing Scissors from 3M allow users to swap between both modes within seconds.

  1. Cut with confidence

Unpacking or unboxing your latest purchase is like opening presents on your birthday all over again, and it can be truly exciting. However, it would be a frustrating experience if the blades accidentally scratch or damage any packed items. Worry not, as the Scotch™ Unboxing Scissors’ boxcutter mode has an exposed blade of less than 6mm. The blade is sharp enough to cut through different packaging materials, without damaging the items inside. When the scissors are in boxcutter mode, its handle is locked to ensure your safety. By using the new Scotch™ Unboxing Scissors from 3M, you can now unbox at ease with less risk of damage to your valuable items.

  1. Cuts through different materials easily

Scotch™ Unboxing Scissors from 3M has also been specially engineered to cut through materials like plastic, cardboard, and more. The Scotch™ Non-Stick Coated Stainless Steel Unboxing Scissors (green) from 3M have sturdy stainless steel with a non-stick coating variant to provide a seamless cutting experience overall. The non-stick coating prevents materials such as tape from sticking, leaving only clean blades with no residue behind.

The new Scotch™ Non-Stick Coated Stainless Steel Unboxing Scissors 7’’ from 3M comes in green and retails at RM36.90 and the Scotch™ Standard Stainless Steel Unboxing Scissors 7’’ from 3M comes in purple and retails at RM30.90.

Creating solutions that improve people’s lives is at the heart of what 3M does, with the new Scotch™ Unboxing Scissors joining the extensive Scotch™ scissors range. From unboxing your purchases to food preparation, the Scotch™ scissors range accommodates everyone’s needs. Here are some of the innovative Scotch™ scissors from 3M that you can find at popular retailers:

  1. Scotch™ Anti-Bacterial Premium Kitchen Scissors from 3M
  2. Scotch™ Detachable Titanium Kitchen Scissors from 3M
  3. Scotch™ Multi-Purpose Portable Baby Food Scissors from 3M

Scotch™ scissors from 3M are available at selected stores in Malaysia, such as Ace Hardware, Ben’s Independent Grocer, Mydin, Village Grocer, and the Popular Bookstore. Online shoppers may visit the official online stores of Malaysia on Lazada and Shopee.

For more information on Scotch™ Brand products, please check out the catalogue – www.scotchbrand.com.my.

3M and Scotch are trademarks of 3M.


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