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Nestlé Enercal Complete supports the daily nutritional needs of adults

Nestlé Malaysia has made available Nestlé Enercal Complete, which is nutritionally complete and balanced, packed with 34 key nutrients including all key vitamins, minerals and prebiotics to support the daily nutritional needs of adults.

When consumed twice daily, with a balanced diet and exercise; it supports the need to stay sharp. It also helps the individual experience stronger muscles in 4 weeks^.

Nestlé Enercal Complete now comes with:

  • Mentalert™, a scientific blend of Vitamin B1, B2, B3 that release energy. Power up your day with energy will reduce fatigue and support your mental alertness.
  • High Protein Blend which is 50% Whey Protein and 50% Soy Protein. This high-quality protein blend that helps in muscle tissue building and repair.
  • Prebiotic FOS, which is a type of dietary fibre, helps promote growth of good bacteria and maintains a good intestinal environment.
  • 26% less sucrose as compared to previous formulation with the same great taste.
  • Lactose free and gluten free.

Nestlé Malaysia owns a 100% stake in Wyeth Nutrition (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, which distributes premium nutritional products including S-26, S-26 Gold, Ascenda, Promama and Enercal Plus.

^Based on a survey conducted by Home Tester Club on Enercal Plus from 10/2/2023 to 3/4/2023 on 365 people, after consuming for 4 weeks, 97% of them/their family member have seen muscle strength improvement and 96% them/their family member have seen digestion improvement.

Click here to buy from Nestle official store on Shopee.


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