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OREO Makes Sure to Bring Rare OREO Chips with a picture of Mew to Indonesia

26 April 2024 – As a form of appreciation for the enthusiasm of the people and Pokemon fans in Indonesia in welcoming OREO’s iconic collaboration with Pokemon, OREO Indonesia is sure to bring this iconic collaboration to Indonesia, including completing its collection with rare OREO pieces depicting the character Mew.

Therefore, get ready to start the exciting adventure and various surprises that have been prepared in this limited edition collaboration in Indonesia next May.

Dian Ramadianti as Marketing Manager for Biscuits, Mondelez Indonesia, said, “We are very enthusiastic about the amount of support from the community to present the OREO collaboration with Pokemon in the form of signing Wish Online which was initiated by influencers and fanatical Pokemon fans in Indonesia.

In fact, to date Wish Online has been signed by more than 3000 people. Therefore, we are very enthusiastic to convey that this collaboration will soon be coming to Indonesia. “We have prepared various surprises and exciting adventures in this collaboration,” explained Dian.

Previously, this collaboration, which presented OREO chips depicting 16 iconic Pokémon characters, had created phenomenal success in other countries.

Fans are enthusiastically looking for the entire collection of 16 OREO pieces depicting iconic Pokemon characters, such as Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Sandshrew, Jigglypuff, Pikachu, including a limited collection of OREO pieces depicting the legendary Pokemon character Mew which is currently eagerly awaited by many fans in Indonesia.

Therefore, continue to follow the official OREO Indonesia account to get the latest information about various surprises that are ready to arouse your imagination and the excitement of new adventures.

“We hope that this collaboration can unite and inspire millions of OREO lovers and Pokemon fans in various regions of Indonesia to create more fun and exciting moments together, through various interesting activities that will later be presented,” concluded Dian.


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