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Catelier: A Purr-Fect Fine Dining Experience

Malaysia’s renowned premium cat food brand, Delizios, hosted an extravagant fine
dining experience for cats

SHAH ALAM, 11 May 2024 – As devoted paw-rents, we want nothing but the best for our pets. From food and groom to playtime and comfort, we ensure everything we provide caters to the best of their overall well-being as their joy is our pride. At Delizios, we stand with this axiom as we strongly believe that the perfect way to treat our cats is through the ultimate indulgent experience and we strive to fulfil this commitment. This round, we made it extra special and meow-morable for cat owners and their feline companions by special crafting fine dining for them.

On 11 May 2024, Delizios hosted ‘Catelier’, an exclusive fine dining experience tailored for cats and their owners, showcasing the brand’s commitment to premium quality. This also provides feline enthusiasts a rare opportunity to treat their furry friends to a lavish gourmet affair, fostering a deeper connection and shared unique moments. The objective of organising Catelier 2024 is to strengthen the bond between cat owners and their feline companions, creating unique yet precious dining memories together that last forever. To encapsulate the essence of “dine above the class, bond beyond the ordinary”, this event indeed goes beyond the ordinary by providing cats with the chance to experience a fine dining meal, perfectly aligned with Delizios’ commitment as a premium cat food brand to providing gourmet indulgence of superior quality for cats.

Delizios invited a total of 30 guests and their feline friends for an un-fur-gettable and exquisite pet-friendly dining experience at Mao Catfe, Kuala Lumpur. This unique cafe was carefully selected for its tasteful interior and sophisticated ambience, perfect for a refined and relaxing date with their cats. Throughout the event, joyous conversation filled the room with cat owners sharing experiences, pictures and laughter, creating lasting memories with both their feline buddies and the cat lovers community.

The three-hour event comprised a three-course meal featuring a cat-tractive menu
curated exclusively with Delizios products:




The bottom part which is the pie crust is made of Delizios Dry Kibble pie crust crafted with a veterinarian-designed recipe and premium quality ingredients.

Filled with savoury Delizios Bonito White Meat in a luscious soft jelly topping with Shirasu. Made with 100% White Meat Selection with premium bonito white meat for an ultimate feeding experience.




Succulent Delizios Bonito Loin Chunk. Made with 100% White Meat Selection with premium bonito white meat for an ultimate feeding experience. Paired with Shrimp, resting on a bed of vibrant beetroot dust and microgreen.




A tantalising fusion of savoury Delizios Chicken Broth and an irresistible Cat Lick. Crafted with the goodness of nutritious 100% real tuna/chicken. Delizios cat lick is easy to digest and ideal for cats of all ages, including kittens and seniors. Its high moisture content keeps cats hydrated and enjoys bonding during feeding.

The lavish feast was complemented with a generous spread of “Meow-nificent Munchies”, a snack corner offering delightful treats specially designed for the esteemed feline guests.

This epicurean event was complemented by various entertaining activities. Attending cat owners received exclusive goodie bags filled with amazing gifts for both the cats and the owners. They also had the chance to experience the photo opportunity with their lovely kitties and engage in a hands-on DIY workshop designed for cat lovers to create special mementoes with their feline companions.

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