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Supergulp is the new prebiotic sparkling drink in Malaysia

Supergulp is the new prebiotic soda in Malaysia. We are witnessing the rise of prebiotic soda as a sub-category within the carbonated soft drinks category in the country.

On the one hand, Tapping Tapir’s gutC Prebiotic Soda is priced at the RM3.5-4 levels. On the other hand, Supergulp priced itself at the higher end at RM 9.90 per can. Prebiotic soda manufacturers should adopt mainstream pricing to reach more consumers, as there are too many prebiotic-based substitutes in the market.

For gut health, Supergulp contains 13.8g of dietary fibre (inulin and acacia gum) per can or 4.2g/100ml. The sparkling prebiotic drink is sweetened with juice and stevia with total sugar at 1.5g to 2.3g/100ml depending on the flavours. The drink has 8mg to 10mg/100ml of vitamin C. The prebiotic sparkling beverage is available in three flavours: Lemon Lime, Lychee Lemon and Watermelon Pineapple.

What is interesting about Supergulp is that it is manufactured in Vietnam by Nawon Food & Beverage Co Ltd in Binh Duong Province. Producing in Vietnam makes sense as the country is known for its fruit processing and growing capabilities as well as beverage OEM manufacturing facilities. 

Supergulp is available at Qra and Village Grocer. 

Ingredients in Supergulp Lemon Lime: carbonated water, lemon juice, apple juice, lime juice, prebiotic fibre (inulin, acacia gum), citric acid, Himalayan pink salt, stevia, lime flavour.





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