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Eat Pizza, maker of 25cm personal pizza, eyes Malaysia

Eat Pizza at Franchise Expo Malaysia 2024. Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

Eat Pizza, a South Korean pizza chain, recently exhibited at Franchise Expo Malaysia 2024, showcasing its 25-cm personal pizza concept. The pizza chain sought a local partner to bring the idea to Malaysia.

Eat Pizza has entered Singapore and Thailand with its one-person pizza, reflecting the growing trend of the one-person economy in South Korea and elsewhere in Asia. The single-person economy trend in food is reflected in pizza, suitable for solo dining, self-heating meals, and one-plate frozen meals. Growing in popularity in Japan, one-plate frozen meals are split-tray frozen meals that contain a main dish with sides that can be microwaved all at once. 

Eat Pizza in Singapore. Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

Pizza Hut has a Personal Pan Pizza, but it comes in the typical round shape. Eat Pizza’s elongated personal pizza is more portable and convenient to consume.


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