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POKKA introduces the First Drip Coffee series to encourage mindful pauses

POKKA is premiumising its RTD coffee offering in Singapore by launching its First Drip Black Coffee No Sugar exclusively at 7-Eleven. The RTD coffee is crafted from 100% real coffee beans, including Arabica beans. The slow drip process brews the best out of every bean. According to the press release, the No Sugar variant is part of the First Drip Coffee series, which also includes Vanilla Caffe Latte and Flat White Intense. 

The series uses 100% real milk and no colouring or artificial sweetener. The POKKA First Drip Vanilla Caffe Latte (320ml) will be launched exclusively at 7-Eleven in July 2024, followed by the POKKA First Drip Flat White Intense (320ml), which will be launched across all major retailers island-wide in August 2024.

POKKA is introducing Chotto, a sloth, to encourage mindfulness and presence, aligning with the idea that enjoying a bottle of POKKA Coffee can be a moment of recalibration and reflection amidst a busy day, to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

We are seeing coffee brands in Singapore communicate the mindful approach to coffee drinking. For example, local coffee brand Kim’s Duet offers Mindfulness Kopi to encourage consumers to slow down and enjoy the sensory pleasures of local kopi as part of the daily self-care routine. The coffee brand even organises a Kopi Mindfulness workshop to teach consumers how they can integrate coffee into self-care. 



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