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Pizza Hut Store Closures To Enhance Customer Experience

PETALING JAYA, 26 JUNE 2024 — In response to recent speculation surrounding the temporary closure of certain Pizza Hut outlets made by Nanyang Siang Pau and China Press, Pizza Hut Malaysia would like to provide clarity and additional context regarding the temporary closures.

Purpose of Temporary Closures:

The temporary closures are part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing customer experiences. We are implementing backend improvements to streamline operations and ensure seamless service starting with low traffic stores/areas. These closures are not permanent; they are strategic measures to optimise our systems and infrastructure.

Employee Well-Being:

We value our employees and their contributions. Those affected by the closures have been offered relocation opportunities to other Pizza Hut locations. Our commitment to employee well-being remains the utmost priority.

“Pizza Hut believes that customers appreciate the Company’s aim for continuous improvements and would look forward to more product innovations and service enhancements in days to come.”

“We remain steadfast in growing the Pizza Hut brand. Pizza Hut is more than just pizza. Our menu innovations, including pastas, wings, and handheld products, reflect our dedication to meeting evolving consumer preferences.” said the spokesperson.


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