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Pos Malaysia and PayNet Pave the Way for Cashless Payments Nationwide Through The ‘Cashless Kaw-Kaw’ Campaign

(L-R) Khazalin Ghuzal, Head of Retail of Pos Malaysia, Azrul Fakhzan B. Mainor, Senior Director, Commercial Division, PayNet, with winners Abdul Faiz Bin Rahman -RM50,000 (Grand Prize), Zainol Abidin Bin Ahmad -RM8,888 (April), Mohd Faizal Bin Mokhtar -RM8,888 (March) and Mohd Faisal Bin Mohamed Shahid -RM8,888 (February)

Kuala Lumpur, 24 June 2024 – Pos Malaysia Berhad (“Pos Malaysia”), the national post and parcel service provider, and Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“PayNet”), the national retail payments network infrastructure provider, have enabled the option of making cashless payments at over 3,500 of Pos Malaysia’s touchpoints nationwide, marking a significant milestone in Pos Malaysia’s digital payments transformation journey.

Today, both companies hosted a prize-giving ceremony at the Pos Malaysia headquarters for the ‘Cashless Kaw-Kaw’ campaign that ran from 1 February until 30 April 2024.  The primary objective of the campaign was to encourage the use of MyDebit and DuitNow QR, highlighting their convenience and security as preferred payment options. The campaign was designed to enhance the overall customer experience by offering more streamlined and efficient transaction methods. By adopting these cashless solutions, Pos Malaysia sought to provide added value to its customers, making their interactions smoother and more efficient.

The ‘Cashless Kaw-Kaw’ campaign concluded with a grand prize-giving event attended by 4 of the 178 lucky winners (refer to Appendix). The campaign boasted an impressive prize pool exceeding RM150,000, where one lucky grand prize winner won RM50,000. Among the coveted prizes were monthly cash rewards of RM8,888, along with other exclusive items such as iPad Air, OPPO Reno11 Pro smartphones, and RM100 Petronas gift cards.

Khazalin Ghuzal, Head of Retail of Pos Malaysia, said, “Pos Malaysia boasts a rich heritage of over two centuries dedicated to serving the rakyat, a legacy that propels us forward as we continually adapt and innovate to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Through the integration of state-of-the-art payment technology, our objective is to deliver transactions that are not just seamless and secure, but also hassle-free at every one of our outlets. Pos Malaysia is committed to enhancing the customer experience, reaffirming our dedication to modernisation and digitalisation. By embracing these advancements, we strive to ensure that our services remain relevant and efficient in today’s digital age.”

She added, “As the national post and parcel service provider, Pos Malaysia’s network of touchpoints reaches all segments and communities, including rural and underserved areas, providing access to services such as motor insurance and road tax renewal, bill payments and financial services. Our partnership with PayNet has positioned our unparalleled network as a catalyst for cashless payment adoption nationwide. Currently, a significant number of our services transacted over the counter are paid through MyDebit or DuitNow QR, demonstrating our customers’ eagerness to embrace these seamless payment options. I look forward to collaborating with PayNet to bring even more innovative solutions to our customers and the communities that we serve.”

Azrul Fakhzan B. Mainor, Senior Director, Commercial Division, PayNet, remarked, “PayNet is excited to expand our reach and impact through this collaboration with Pos Malaysia. With access to over 3,500 Pos Malaysia touchpoints, we can now bring cashless payment solutions to even the most rural and underserved parts of Malaysia, particularly in Sabah and Sarawak. This partnership ensures every Malaysian can enjoy the convenience and security of digital payments.”

He added, “By leveraging DuitNow QR and MyDebit payment options, customers will no longer need to travel long distances to withdraw cash for transactions. This initiative facilitates commerce by providing a more efficient and accessible payment method. Together, PayNet and Pos Malaysia are transforming the customer experience, driving financial inclusion, and enhancing commercial activities across Malaysia.”

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