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F&N MAGNOLIA introduces Singapore’s very first limited-edition salted caramel pasteurised milk

Singapore, 2 July 2024  –  Complex flavour, familiar taste – salted caramel is undeniably a match made in heaven flavour in the marvellous world of pastries, desserts, snacks, and all things delicious. The addition of salt creates a contrast that enhances the complexity of caramel’s taste profile, making it one of the most popular pairings for that ultimate taste of irresistible goodness. This distinct flavour can now be savoured through a comforting glass of the limited-edition F&N MAGNOLIA Salted Caramel Low Fat Flavoured Milk.

Created in the 1970s by French pastry chef Henri Le Roux, salted caramel quickly became an all-time-favourite flavour that appeals to the taste buds of all ages. Due to its versatility, this highly sought-after combination can be found in a wide array of scrumptious delights such as cakes, cookies, ice cream, and many more.

Savour the tasty goodness of the brand-new limited-edition F&N MAGNOLIA Salted Caramel Low Fat Flavoured Milk. Rich and creamy with the perfect balance of sweet and saltiness, it is the ideal treat anytime of the day, perfect for dessert lovers looking for a nutritious delight.

Trusted by generations for its quality and taste, F&N MAGNOLIA’s commitment to putting the good in mornings remained consistent since 1937. Known for its wide range of milk variants crafted to cater to consumers’ diverse needs and preferences, the limited-edition indulgent treat can be relished in a healthier way.

Two to three 250ml glasses of milk each day would help to meet the recommended daily dietary allowance for calcium in adults aged between 19 to 50 years old.1

The benefits of consuming milk are endless and it plays an important role in maintaining a balanced diet. According to a research paper published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (USA), milk is a nutrient-dense food with important nutritional value due to the presence of protein, calcium, and other nutrients. Protein in milk helps maintain muscles and stimulates the building of muscles in our bodies which is necessary for growth and development.2

Available exclusively at FairPrice in 946ml packs at the Recommended Selling Price (RSP) of S$3.63, the limited-edition F&N MAGNOLIA Salted Caramel Low Fat Flavoured Milk is the first and only Halal-certified salted caramel pasteurised milk in Singapore, concocted for pure indulgence. This guilt-free treat is lower in sugar, higher in calcium, rated B on the Nutri-Grade scale, and carries the Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) accorded by the Health Promotion Board (HPB).

For more information, please visit the following official websites and social media platforms:

●       Official website: www.magnolia.com.sg

●       F&N Life: https://sg.fnlife.com/magnolia

●       Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fnnmagnolia/

●       Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/magnoliasg

1.       “5 Benefits of Drinking Milk”, Healthhub.sg, https://www.healthhub.sg/live-healthy/1495/dear-dairy

2.       Davoodi SH, Shahbazi R, Esmaeili S, Sohrabvandi S, Mortazavian A, Jazayeri S, Taslimi A. Health-Related Aspects of Milk Proteins. Iran J Pharm Res. 2016 Summer;15(3):573-591. PMID: 27980594; PMCID: PMC5149046. http://tinyurl.com/ybj86a9v


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