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Jacker innovative packaging with ‘hairy top’

Malaysia’s Oriental Food Industries Sdn Bhd has just introduced a new look and improved Jacker potato chip in the market. The unique “fiery or hairy” paper design adds extra visibility to the product on store shelf.

The new design shows the crisp is no longer about the individual chips. The objective of the new pack design is to drive home the message the chips come from a real potato. The design also adds an extra glow to the potato chips and to the actual potato to enhance the “premiumness” of the product.

A wide swath of black and dark colour has now become the trend for chips packaging design in Malaysia as seen in the new Perfecto by Mamee Decker and Felda’s banana and tapioca chips. So, expect more crisps in “premium” black/dark packaging coming your way but the price should be affordable to many as the intention is really about looking more “sophisticated” and unique.

In a recent trip to the store, I realised Jacker needs to retain its “hairy top” because a well groomed Jacker does look a bit plain and unexciting. Hopefully Jacker can make the “hairy top” design as part its permanent fixture.



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