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Mamee promoting eating Perfecto with dips

Mamee Decker wants to teach consumers a new way to eat its latest Perfecto crisps. Malaysians love eating French fries with tomato and chilli sauce at fast food joints. However, eating crisps with dip is not a common practice for chip lovers in this part of the world. Now Perfecto, through its mobile vans, wants consumers to try eating its Perfecto with dips and garnishing. Will Malaysian consumers start adopting such eating habit for potato chips especially when the crisps already taste good on their own?

Probably dip is more suitable for tortilla chips but Mission Foods has so far not doing any marketing campaign to promote its tortilla chips with dips. Even Mondelez’s Chacho’s corn chip is doing away with any chance for dips by making its corn chip light and crispy. Chacho’s used to taste like a tortilla chip with a hard texture but now, the crispy taste has made fans like me turn away to Mission Foods tortilla. Can dips & tortilla chips/potato chips make it this far in Malaysia? The first thing to do is to make the dips affordable. At the moment, dips are awfully expensive and not easily available. Only with a reasonably priced dip can such eating ritual be promoted in Malaysia.


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