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Perfecto – Where flavours come alive

Mamee Double-Decker has recently launched Perfecto crisps in canister in Malaysia without any marketing blitz apart from having some marketing materials at point of sale.How Perfecto is this new crisps from a company that gives us Mamee Monster and Mister Potato? Well, it focuses on the garnish and how freshly garnished is evenly spreads on every crisp to make the flavours come alive. There is Chili & Spice Infusion, Natural Sea Salt and Sour Cream & Chives.

Now let the product description does the talking:
 … Perfecto.
Perfecto is made from dehydrated potato flakes. It is not a corn or a ‘healthier’ rice snack. The focus is not on health but rather on flavour and indulgence. The choice of the packaging with a black background makes it look exclusive and stands out on store shelves.
In terms of price, it is slightly upmarket compared with the usual Mister Potato, Jack n Jill and Roller Coaster. Perfecto is a more premium offering compared with Mister Potato and aims to take on Pringles in the 100g to 110g category. It is still too early to tell if Perfecto is a one-off product or a permanent offering by Mamee Double-Decker.
Crisps in Canister
Tong Garden Corn Chips BBQ/Original 65 4.89 75.2
Wise Potato Chips BBQ 90 5.79 64.3
Miao Miao Hot & Spicy 55 3.29 59.8
Pringles Original/BBQ/Sour Cream & Onion/Pizza 110 4.69 42.6
Pringles (USA) Extra Buffalo Wings 169 6.99 41.4
London Potato Bites Pizza/BBQ/Hot & Spicy 75 3.00 40.0
Perfecto 100 3.99 39.9
Pringles Original/BBQ 150 5.69 37.9
Roller Coaster Canister BBQ/Cheese/Tomato 100 3.29 32.9
Mister Potato Crisps BBQ/Original 100 3.29 32.9
Jack n Jill Potato Crisps BBQ/Original 160 4.59 28.7
Mister Potato Crisps Original 160 4.59 28.7
Jacker Potato Crisps Cheese/Vegetable/BBQ 160 4.29 26.8
Source: Mini Me Insights – Giant Supermarket at The Mines, Sri Kembangan, 18 May 2014


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