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Teh Gelas introduces PET variant

The latest PET bottle variant was launched in June 2014
OT Group has finally launched its Teh Gelas (Cup Tea) ready-to-drink tea in PET bottle. The product first appeared in the market in thin-wall cup packaging targeting at the mass market selling at IDR 1,000 per cup.  The second wave saw the product upgraded to carton including in single-serve and family packs. Now Teh Gelas is available in PET bottle manufactured using the aseptic cold filling technology. According to OT Group, the PET bottle packaging is aimed at the on-the-go market.
Other competitors including Sosro and Ultrajaya’s Teh Kotak already have products covering both PET and carton as well as returnable glass bottles as in the case of Sosro. OT Group’s Teh Gelas is a later comer but it does one thing at a time. Teh Gelas started out as a very cheap product targeting school children and angkot drivers looking for a cheap refreshment without breaking the wallet. It slowly enhances the prices through packaging innovation, while retaining the original taste.

I believe the next phase of packaging innovation for “Cup Tea” will be in the 1 or 1.5 litre PET family pack. Singapore’s Yeo’s launched its aseptic cold fill PET products in Malaysia in November 2013 and the packaging size now comes in 350ml, 500ml and 1,500ml.



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