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About time Maggi embraces Penang White Curry Noodle

There is a high chance that Nestle may start launching its own Maggi Penang white curry instant noodle in the future to tap opportunities in the premium market.’- 4 May 2014 blog entry

The prophecy has come true. Maggi has finally launched its own version of Penang white curry instant noodle in June 2014, known as Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry. The word “white” is omitted so as not to confuse consumers with MyKuali. The Maggi Royale instant noodle claims to be the “best” ever of its kind in the market. Befitting its name as a premium instant noodle, Maggi Royale, is also the most expensive Penang curry instant noodle in Malaysia. The Maggi Royale is selling at RM 7.90 for a four 91g pack at Aeon Supermarket at MidValley, equivalent to RM 21.7 per kilogram vs RM 18.16 per kilogram for MyKuali (RM 7.99).

Aroi, which is available at the same Aeon Supermarket at MidValley, has reduced its price to just RM 6.90 (promo price)  from RM 7.50 as a response to the new threat. Even the packaging of Aroi has changed to a more prominent cover to increase shelf visibility.

Photo taken by Tan Heng Hong

Mini Me Insights store check, April-May 2014

Is Maggi Royale the best?  I am sure the Ramen Rater will be telling us in no time. He was the one who voted MyKuali as the best instant noodle in the world for 2014.

I believe the next trend for Penang white curry instant noodle is to make it available in more convenient cup format so consumers can enjoy it while outside of home. If Penang white curry instant noodle can make it as part of the menu at Mamak stalls with consumers yelling “One Maggi Royale pls” then I will consider it a job well done for Maggi. After all, Maggi goreng is now part of the menu at Mamak stalls.

Photo taken from Curlybabe’s Satisfaction blog


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