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Creating new pairing opportunities

Collaboration seems to be the way forward for companies offering complementary product lines. The recent example in Malaysia is the Kellogg’s-F&N breakfast combo. The new combo taps into the existing Malaysian consumer ritual of consuming cereals with soya bean milk apart from eating with milk.

Soybean milk has proven to be versatile drink. One of the ingenious ways of drinking soya bean in Malaysia is pairing it with cincau or grass jelly. The end result is a perfectly delicious drink.

Cincau soya bean drink – picture taken from the web

Soya bean makers too have come up with a new pairing to encourage consumers to consume soybean milk and cincau drink. Examples of such include the ones by Drinho and Yeo’s. So the key challenge for F&B makers is to find new pairing opportunities to boost sales by tapping into existing consumer practices or introducing a new consumption ritual such as dipping an Oreo’s into the milk.



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