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Pascual Creamy Delight with more vibrant packaging, new Greek yogurt

New packaging with added Greek yogurt variant

The Pascual Creamy Delight yogurt made by ABI Pascual Foods, a joint venture between Spanish yogurt manufacturer Grupo Leche Pascual and local Asia Brewery, was given a new packaging in 2014. The range, launched at the end of 2012, also comes with a new Greek yogurt variant.

Old packaging

It is clear Pascual’s normal yoghurt is competing with local Hacienda Macalauan and Switzerland-based Nestle in the PHP 230 to 267 per KG range. For the Greek yogurt segment, Pascual is priced at the affordable level, while Hacienda Macalauan Greek yogurt is positioned at the upper end, even higher than the imported Farmers Union.

Store check conducted by the author in October 2014 at SM Megamall. * is from Hacienda online shop.

Hacienda Macalauan Greek yogurt is priced at a premium possibly due to it having a higher nutritional value (ie protein) compared with the Pascual Greek yogurt.

Protein content per 100 g

Blue: Greek yogurt sold in Malaysia; Green: sold in the Philippines. Hacienda is 90g per serving

With Chobani already making its entry into Singapore and Malaysia in 2014, an inroad into the Philippines may be in the pipeline. So what would Chobani be priced at in the Philippines. Using the Malaysian pricing of RM 51.2 per kilogram as an indicator, the cup format Chobani will likely be competing with Hacienda Macalauan in the PHP 50-60 per kg segment.


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