Home Country Malaysia Malaysia slowly moving towards becoming a D.I.Y. nation

Malaysia slowly moving towards becoming a D.I.Y. nation

The dreaded acronym D.I.Y.

In the not so distant future, say in 10-15 years time, Malaysians will have to D.I.Y. everything including simple task like painting to more complicated roof leaking repair. The reason is the old sifu (master of the trade) who are currently in their 40-50s are expected to retire. Who will be replacing them? The young generation has no interest in getting their hands dirty.

The market will eventually be dominated by a handful of local tradesmen who are skilled (some not skilled) who will ask for a very high price to do small repair work. To avoid paying for their service, ordinary Malaysians will have to learn everything from Youtube. By then, D.I.Y. store will flourish like what is happening in Western countries. Malaysia will eventually move from a nation seeking help from the experts to a nation who D.I.Y. everything.

That’s my prediction.


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