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Premium pasterised milk Brookfarm debuts in Indonesia

Brookfarm premium milk from Diamond

Indonesia’s PT Diamond Cold Storage has introduced a new range of premium pasteurised milk under the Brookfarm range. The 1,000ml milk is made from 100% imported milk from Australia.

Fresh milk in Indonesia
IDR/RM exchange rate at 0.00028. Store check at Hypermart, Jakarta in December 2014. Greenfields, Indomilk and Diamond are based on promotion price.

What is interesting about this fresh milk is it fetches a very high premium relative to other local fresh milk. Brookfarm is 162% more expensive than the Diamond fresh milk made by the same company.

Fresh milk in Malaysia
Store check: Cold Storage, Mid Valley, Malaysia 4 May 2014. *All are fresh milk except Organic Valley and  Emmi. RM/L

As a comparison, popular fresh milk sold in Malaysia does not offer such a wide price gap. The maximum is about 50% (Pura Low Fat Milk vs Auselect).

If Brookfarm is targeted at the expat community or high-end consumers, it is natural to see it being made available at high-end residential/commercial areas such as in Central Jakarta. However, Brookfarm can be found in Hypermart in Gajah Mada Plaza, a middle class shopping mall.

Hypermart at Thamrin City, Jakarta, December 2014

Perhaps Brookfarm is a strategy by Diamond to capture a share of the premium pasteurised fresh milk market before serious competition from imports emerges.


  1. is brookfarm milks comes from grass fed cow? I just can't find the source or their web, all i can find is only the diamond official web (the importer to indonesia) which didn't explain about that at all.

  2. I bought soy bean milk from it recently…
    Its quite expensive.. But i have to say it taste really good.. Creamy texture and a hint of sugar not too much
    Im looking for high protein milk in soy bean i think i just found one in brook farm milk…

    I should try another too…

  3. If you look at the packaging of this super expensive product you will see if I remember correctly it is NOT fresh milk AT ALL !!

    I am sure you will see it contains powdered milk which makes it “reconstituted milk” and should not be sold as fresh milk as this is pure deception.

    Fresh & reconstituted milk are TOTALLY different things


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