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Greek Yogurt: Indonesia’s Heavenly Blush taps into Greek yogurt fab, launches Yo! for kids

Image from Heavenly Blush Twitter site

PT Heavenly Nutrition Indonesia has belatedly joined the Greek spoonable yogurt movement. Five flavours were introduced to coincide with Ramadan, a smart way to position Greek yogurt as a food to break fast.

The Heavenly Blush Greek yogurt comes with fruit on the side. The yogurt is targeted at 20-25-year-olds from Class A and B social economic status who are busy and need something filling, said Heavenly Blush Marketing Director Ivonne Aryanti.

Heavenly Blush Greek Yogurt. Image taken from Adinda Savitri Indiraswari.
Side view. Image taken from the Thoughts in Tiffany Blue blog

All five variants are flavoured yogurt with no natural/plain flavour, which shows the popularity of flavoured yogurt in the Indonesian market. As a comparison with Malaysia, Nestle introduced its Greek Style Yogurt in April 2013 with only three flavours – Strawberry Field and Peach Harvest as well as the Natural flavour.


Apart from Greek yogurt, Heavenly Blush also launched a new drinkable yogurt for kids for 4-11 years old. Yo! is positioned as a yogurt drink to promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables among young children.

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