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Butter: QSR Trading launches new butter More

QSR Trading Sdn Bhd has introduced a new butter. It is called More Butter comprising the salted and unsalted variants. The company is the owner of the rights of manufacture and imports. The product contains minimum 82% milkfat, energy 3,80kJ/750kcal, carbohydrate 1g per 100g, protein 0.5g per 100g and total fat 82g per 100g.

According to Auric Pacific Group Ltd chief creative officer Michelle Lim, SCS butter is the number one butter brand in Malaysia with approximately 500 tonnes of butter sold to homes and businesses in 2014. There are over 20 butter brands in the country. With the rise in baking hobbyists and festive cookie needs, the market for butter is expected to grow and there is still room for the new More butter.


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