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New Mie Sedaap White Curry

White curry instant noodle has become an established category in Malaysia since MyKuali first introduced it in May 2013. However, white curry has not taken hold in neighboring Indonesia despite scoring success in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

There are a few imported white curry instant noodles in Indonesia’s high-end supermarkets but no local mainstream brands have innovated using white curry until Wings Food’s new Mie Sedaap White Curry.

Launched around June 2016, the new Mie Sedaap White Curry uses non-dairy creamer, which is the same ingredient used by MyKuali for its white curry noodle. The non-dairy creamer makes the noodle creamy, a unique selling point.

The author’s Mie Sedaap White Curry


The taste is slightly different from the white curry in Malaysia with the spiciness formulated for the Indonesian palate. The question is would Indomie follow suit with its own white curry instant noodle?


In Malaysia, white curry is the flavour to premiumise the instant noodle category. However, this is not the case in Indonesia. White curry is just another new flavour innovation. Mie Sedaao White Curry is priced at IDR 2,000 at Lotte Mart within the IDR 1,500 to IDR 3,000 range. The real action for premiumisation is ‘real meat,’ the inclusion of real meat ingredient, which will be addressed in another post.




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