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Hershey’s SoyFresh, Spritzer win Superior Taste Award

The awarding of the Superior Taste Award to Lam Soon Group’s Hershey’s SoyFresh has got me interested in iTQi (International Taste & Quality Institute).

iTQi runs the Superior Taste Award. The following is taken from the institute’s website and explains what the award is all about:

“The Superior Taste Award label is a powerful marketing tool that is used to communicate about the products and the company’s success, in both domestically and internationally. Its visibility of the label brings an immediate differentiation amongst the vast product choices on the marketplace and reassures consumers in their buying decision.”

Essentially, it is a marketing tool and the award is licensed for a period of 3 years.

Hershey’s SoyFresh gets 2-3 stars


Hershey’s SoyFresh Chocolate is considered as “Remarkable,” while Hershey’s SoyFresh Cookies ‘N’ Creme is “Exceptional.”


Chefs and Sommelier decide

The Superior Taste Award is not based on the opinion of the ordinary consumers. In fact, the jury for the Superior Taste Award consists of more than 120 Chefs and Sommelier who are “considered unparalleled opinion leader.” They will be the judge deciding if your product will make it through.

Malaysia has 5 winners in 2016

Malaysia has 5 winners in 2016 with Ace Canning and Torto Food new on the list. Spritzer has won the award for its Spritzer Natural Mineral Water five times.



The iTQi Superior Taste Award does provide a point of reference to consumers on taste. It also works to reassure consumers or suppliers/future business partners on the taste quality, which hopefully can drive sales like all awards operating in a similar fashion.


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