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Different demographic focus for FrieslandCampina coconut flavoured UHT milk

The FrieslandCampina’s Frisian Flag coconut flavoured UHT milk, introduced in early October 2016, proves to be a successful launch in Indonesia. This prompted the introduction of a similar product in Malaysia under the Dutch Lady Brand in early November 2016. However, the Dutch Lady Coconut Delight is only available for a limited period only as part of the “Spreading the Shock (Syok)” campaign.

Different demographic focus

The television commercial for the new Dutch Lady Coconut Delight is targeted at children. The focus is about the fun from the coconut flavour. In Malaysia, flavoured milk is geared towards the children market.

In Indonesia, the unique flavour of coconut is emphasised but the target audience is adults. The television commercials concentrate on what adults feel about the new coconut delight. The hashtag is #kepoinrasanya.

According to Wikipedia

“Kepo is an Indonesian slang, which comes from Chinese Hokkien dialect (which is usually used and spoken by some Chinese communities in Medan, Palembang, and Pekanbaru) ‘Kaypoh’ which means ‘really curious’. It defines a condition when a person wants to know about everything.”


Encouraging adults to drink more milk

As people grow older, they will consume less milk. The Frisian Flag Coconut Delight and the new Indomilk Banana Milk are clearly positioned to excite Indonesian adults with the trending coconut flavour to get them to drink milk again.

Indomilk Banana Milk


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