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Indomilk commercial puts spotlight on NutriKeep packaging

Packaging is one focus area for dairy companies when it comes to product innovation. PT Indolakto, the subsidiary of Indonesia’s Indofood, has recently introduced a TV commercial for its Indomilk milk in 1L featuring NutriKeep.

The clips starts by showing how the milk is delivered to a modern and hygienic processing plant by milk trucks early in the morning. The milk is then heated to about 140 degrees C for four seconds to kill all the bacteria. The practical and safe cap is shown to protect and lock in all the goodness of the milk.

At home, the packaging fits nicely in the fridge and is easy to handle and pour out even by a child.

This commercial provides a strong message on the company’s efforts to ensure the goodness of milk stays within the bottle through the use of the new closure.


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